Janetta Cravens: Mental Health for Leaders in a Season of Uncertainty

"You're the only one of you that there is, and it's precious and beautiful and uniquely wired and deserves a break right now. So whatever that looks like, just go easy on yourself and take good care of you." -- Janetta Cravens
On today’s episode, our guest is Janetta Cravens, vice president of programs for the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits.
The reason we invited Janetta on the podcast is that she wrote a beautiful COVID-19 related mental health story for the Center called, "Maybe It's the Weather, Maybe not: Mental Health For Leaders in a Season of Uncertainty."
Read that story now online at: https://www.oklahomacenterfornonprofits.org/maybe-its-the-weather-maybe-not-mental-health-for-leaders-in-a-season-of-uncertainty/

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