Hannibal B. Johnson's Full Keynote: The 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre and Historical Racial Trauma - Zarrow Mental Health Symposium

As the five score anniversary of the Tulsa tragedy approaches, let us exhale and let us breathe freely, oxygenating our efforts on three fronts. One, healing our history, Two, making an appreciative inquiry into our past. And, three, recommending to diversity, equity and inclusion. If we do this, we will have honored the memory of one of our darkest days by illuminating it with a bright new light. — Hannibal B. Johnson
On today’s episode, we’re playing Hannibal B. Johnson’s keynote address at the recent Zarrow Mental Health Symposium - Healing from Historical Trauma.
In Hannibal’s keynote titled "The 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre and Historical Racial Trauma," he explored the history of racial historical trauma in the United States and Oklahoma and discussed how we must think critically about our strategies for addressing the present legacy of historical racial trauma in America to pursue justice and healing.
You can still register for the virtual Zarrow Mental Health Symposium through March 2021 to see all keynote and breakout sessions. Register at zarrowsymposium.org.

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