Gail Richards on Overcoming Addiction to Anxiety Medication

On this episode of the Mental Health Download,  Mike Brose, the CEO of Mental Health Association Oklahoma, interviews his longtime friend,   
and one of the greatest supporters of our organization, Gail Richards.
They're going to talk about a number of things, but, primarily, Gail is our guest today because she is courageously sharing her story so that others may understand what it's like to overcome an addiction to a prescription that she was prescribed to overcome anxiety. But what was prescribed as an "as needed" drug became, eventually, something that she was taking all the time.
It's a great honor that Gail's with us to share a story that Mike and I know is going to do a lot of good. And that's really what Gail is all about -- she's one of the most compassionate and helpful people that we know. 

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