Ep. 3 - Mindfulness Meditation "Setting the Table" - Presented by Mental Health Download Podcast

"When we start by taking a few deep breaths, we are mentally priming ourselves for the task at hand by doing something that’s very easy to bring awareness to. Deep breaths are deliberate and intentional, and are great for generating some invigorating energy at the start of our practice. The other part of this step, as we close our eyes and allow the breath to return to it’s normal cadence is noting that whatever it was we were just doing, and whatever is next for us, and mentally acknowledging that it will all still be there on the other side of this session, and that we are going to set it aside for now." -- Jacob Beaumont
Mental Health Download Podcast presents the second episode of an ongoing series of Mindfulness Meditation sessions with Jacob Beaumont, of Mental Health Association Oklahoma. Episode one is titled "Setting the Table."

Hear all of the sessions now at mhaok.org/meditation

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