Emeka Nnaka is our Hero

Your mind wants to label me as a person with the disability, but I'm a guy out here trying to change the world by changing one person at a time." - Emeka Nnaka
On today’s episode, I’m joined by my co-host, Avarie Wilson. She serves as the Association’s Assistant Director of Development.
Avarie and I are going to interview our guest and, actually, Avarie’s very good friend, Emeka Nnaka.
As so many Oklahomans know, Emeka has been in a wheelchair since he was 21. He was playing for a semi-pro football team when he tackled an opponent during a game in Arkansas. The opponent got to his feet. Emeka, sadly, was unable to move. Partially paralyzed, his life has never been the same.
Despite his challenges in life, Emeka has become an inspiration through his determination, grit, compassion and his exemplary volunteer work. Most notably, he’s been an amazing advocate and volunteer for Mental Health Association Oklahoma, the Tulsa Area United Way, the Center for Individuals with Physical Challenges, among others.
In late 2018, Emeka was invited to be on Ellen DeGeneres’ show after 50 people wrote letters to let her know how “incredible” Emeka is.
While on the show, Ellen read aloud a letter that described Emeka as a Tulsa treasure. Avarie and I could not agree more. And we’re so thrilled that Ellen and Cheerios gifted him with a check for $100,000 to celebrate his work in the community.

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