COVID-19 Series: Jeff Olivet on Virus Effect on Homelessness & Racial Inequality

"I don't think this looks good, and if you trace those economic threads historically, we can predict that there's going to be a tidal wave of new homelessness over the next couple of years unless we act quickly to stave that off. That, too, will impact people of color worse than it will impact white communities. – Jeff Olivet 
You're listening to the Mental Health Download from the nonprofit Mental Health Association Oklahoma. I'm Matt Gleason, and I am so excited that Jeff Olivet is here with us today. His thoughtful research has revealed that war, natural disasters, and poverty have been the root causes of homelessness. 
During this conversation, we're going to turn our attention to the link between COVID-19 and homelessness. And we're also going to touch on topics such as the Tulsa Race Massacre and healing from historical trauma, which is the theme of the Zarrow Mental Health Symposium coming up, hopefully, in October in Tulsa, Oklahoma. You can get all the details about the Zarrow Mental Health Symposium at 

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