Carmen White Janak: Coping with Trauma from Racial Injustice

On today's episode, we are featuring audio from a special Facebook Live event about the Mental Health Association Oklahoma support group  "Coping with Trauma from Racial Injustice." It features the group's facilitator Carmen White Janak and Rebecca Hubbard, the Association's director of Outreach, Prevention and Education.

Coping with Trauma from Racial Injustice Support Group Meets at 7 p.m.
Group begins June 15, 2020
This support group is for people dealing with the trauma and stress related to the racial injustices and the ongoing racial crisis in America. This will be a safe healing place for listening, sharing, growing and learning. Now is the time for change. Join us as we provide space for truth and healing.
To register for this support group, visit

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