Amairani Perez Chamu: Latinx and Hispanic Mental Health Advocacy

You’re listening to the Mental Health Download from the nonprofit Mental Health Association Oklahoma. Our guest is Amairani Perez Chamu, Hispanic Resource Center Coordinator at Tulsa City-County Library. On today’s episode, she talks with the Download’s host for the day, Whitney Cipolla, about Latinx and Hispanic advocacy related to mental health.
As the current Executive Director for Dream Action Oklahoma - Tulsa, an immigrant rights organization, Amairani spends the majority of her time  fighting for those without a voice. She has worked closely with the artist community in Tulsa to collaborate on projects centered on changing the narrative for undocumented individuals and their families. Her collaborations include performances with Living Arts of Tulsa, Taco Truck Theatre, and Black Moon Collective. Her work is inspired by her personal journey, the fight for immigrant rights, women, and people of color.

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