Ep 27 - Manhood & Masculinity vs GBV

Meet Mr Anders Sjöberg. Mr Sjöberg is the ambassador of Sweden to the United Republic of Tanzania. Today at the Men. Men. Men. Podcast, on episode #27, we have the honor of sitting down with him at his beautiful residence in Oysterbay, Tanzania and discussing on GBV focusing on Men spaces.
His inputs expressed the similarities and differences that both Tanzanian and Sweden Men poses when it comes to dealing with the victimized gender. The solutions that are being implemented, what works and what doesn’t work.
How can Men challenge themselves when it comes to allowing these conversations? Is early-age integration of inclusive conversations helpful or will this create a mindset imbalance? Differences in biological factors, responsibilities and mindsets, toppled with growing-up cultures. Where does empathy play it’s part in these differences?
What and how can the Tanzanian system and culture adopt and relate from the Sweden Culture, policies and reforms? Resources, rights and representation.
Lastly, the most important question is addressed, “Why would Men Care to reform the deeming culture that benefits them?”

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