Sex is Medicine with Devi Ward

Join the sexual evolution and get ready for Sex IS Medicine!<br /><br />Sex Is Medicine is your #1 resource for Holistic Sex Education.<br /><br />Formerly known as Better Love and Sex with Devi Ward, Sex Is Medicine is a one hour radio talk show, that explores the connection between sexuality, spirituality, pleasure- and the impact that has on the health and wellness of your body, mind, and spirit!<br /><br />Every episode is dedicated to awakening your heart and mind to the true purpose (and power!) of human sexuality. Get answers to your questions about all things sexual and spiritual, and learn the most practical and effective tools for living a life of sensual fulfillment, happiness and joy!<br /><br />Discover the art of using pleasure as medicine, and reclaim your birthright to more joy, more pleasure, and more satisfaction in every area of your life, every week on Sex Is Medicne with Devi Ward.<br /><br />Find out more at <a href="" rel="noopener"></a>

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