Let's Talk About... Self Forgiveness

Self forgiveness can be quite challenging and confronting for many of us, especially when we start talking about the kind of hurt and pain that we carry around for years… but there is a point at which we need to let go and forgive ourselves for the things we’ve done (or not done) in the past otherwise we will find ourselves stuck. So this week I’m talking about what self forgiveness is, why it matters, and how to forgive yourself. So, let’s talk about mental health!

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Let's Talk About Mental Health is a weekly podcast full of simple ideas for better mental health by Jeremy Godwin that draws on quality research as well as personal experience. It's about much more than just talk; each new episode focuses on practical and simple things that you can do every single day to improve and maintain your mental health and wellbeing. Discover the podcast all about better mental health and join listeners in more than 110 countries around the world.
Let's Talk About Mental Health. Simple ideas for better mental health.

⚠ Warning: Contains occasional mild coarse language.

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