EP 463: Dr. Duana Welch - When and How to Ask Hard Questions in Dating

Do you shy away from asking hard questions in dating? Do you share too much early on? My podcast guest, Dr. Duana Welch has scripts and tips for you. She  is the original Love Factually author and coach known for using social science to help find and keep the right partner. She has taught at universities in Florida, California, and Texas across 20 years. Her Love Factually books are now out globally in five languages. Her client practice is global.
In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

The best time to ask hard questions in dating

How to talk about the hard stuff without it sounding like an interview

How to get clear about what you need and want early on

When and how to share about your life stories

Why people find it so difficult to bring up the hard stuff...and the consequences of waiting too long

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