EP 454: Yue Xu & Julie Krafchick - An Insider’s Look Into Modern Dating

Yue Xu & Julie Krafchick are the hosts of Dateable, one of the top rated podcasts about dating, love and sex. As active daters turned dating sociologists, they’ve talked to thousands of real life daters and experts to explore modern dating culture and why people date the way they do. Before the podcast, Yue was a dating coach with clients all over the world. Julie was an app designer and researcher using technology to help people form connections. Together they have been #stayingdateable since 2016.
In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

The biggest struggles in dating this past year
The difference between ‘relationshipping’ and ‘relationshopping’
Why you should take yourself on ‘masterdates’
The new dateable mission: date without hate
The three ‘whys’ and how they help you bust limiting beliefs
Some surprises Yue and Julie have discovered through making the podcast

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