#259: How Baby Boomers View Life and Love Today

Edward TORCHY Smith was born with bright red hair in 1947. The nurse brought him to his mother and said here is your little torch. She immediately started to call him TORCHY. To this day he has relatives and friends that do not know his real first name. He was raised in a suburb of Cleveland, Shaker Heights, where he attended public school through 12th grade. His two children also attended the Shaker School system. Torchy headed the organization of all his High School Reunions where over 600 Baby Boomers were in his graduating class.  His celebrity connections started way back even before his children entered the entertainment business. He always had an interest in seeking a way to combine his nostalgia obsession with communications through the internet. 

Besides his time with golf… Edward Torchy Smith has spent his time with a passion developing his listeners associated with Baby Boomers Talk Radio.

Join us as Edward Torchy Smith, host of Baby Boomers Talk Radio, shares his thoughts on how boomers view life and love in the 21st century.

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