Turn liquid gold to powdered gold with Milkify - Episode 71

Dr. Berkley Luck & Pedro Silva are the Co-Founders of Milkify, the 1st breast milk freeze-drying service available direct to consumers in the United States. Their powdered breast milk does not have any additives or chemicals and can be stored on the shelf for 2 years while retaining it's vital nutritional and probiotic properties. Their service empowers new moms to breast feed for the entire first year of an infant's life by providing a more convenient way to pump at work, store their milk, and take it on-the-go. Dr. Luck has a PhD in Molecular Biology from Baylor College and her Bachelor’s in Microbiology from the University of Texas - Austin. Pedro received his Bachelor’s in Economics from Rice University and prior to Milkify has a background in finance and investment banking. We discussed how the freeze-dried breastmilk process works, the barriers for breastfeeding-working moms, the microbiome in pre-term babies and milk banks.

Check out Milkify at www.milkify.me
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