The HabitAware story, from Hiding to Healing - Episode 37

Aneela Idnani is the Co-Founder of HabitAware. Through HabitAware, Keen was invented. It is a smart bracelet that uses gesture detection technology to bring awareness to hair pulling (trichotillomania), skin picking and nail biting disorders. These disorders are part of an umbrella term called Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRB). HabitAware aims to spread awareness of these behaviors and empowering people to “Retrain The Brain” with healthier coping mechanisms. She’s spoken at TEDxFargo and been named a Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal 40 under 40. Aneela graduated from Binghamton University School of Management in Accounting and also the Miami Ad School. On this episode we discussed Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRB), Aneela's personal journey with trichotillomania and the diverse spectrum of mental health.

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