HITLAB's Women's Health Tech Challenge - Episode 54

On our first ever 3-way interview, we have Abby Stern and Savira Dargar from HITLAB. Abby was the Manager of the Women's Health Tech Initiative & Innovation Research & Evaluation and previously has a maternal and child health background with a Master's Public Health from Columbia University. Savira was the Deputy Director, Innovation Research, Strategy, & Compliance and the Director, Women’s Health Initiatives and has a clinical research background with a Master's degree in Health Policy & Economics from Cornell University. HITLAB is a research, advisory and educational organization focused in the digital health space and believe in the greater in academic research aiming to help people and startups in the community of digital health to gather the scientific knowledge needed to advance their technology. In this episode we discussed The Women's Health Tech Challenge, how public health relates to femtech and destigmatizing abortion.

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