Femtech FOMO with Portfolia - Episode 28

Dr. Faz Bashi, M.D is the lead investor at the Portfolia Femtech Fund and is also one of Femtech Focus's advisors. One of their investment funds, The Portfolia FemTech Fund, focuses on emerging technologies, products and services improving women’s health and wellness. From fertility solutions to menopausal care and overall fitness, the fund will invest in high-potential opportunities that can be both profitable and grant women greater health and wellness. Faz has a background in Immunology and Virology from UCSF and was one of the early investors who was actively investing in Femtech before the industry rose in popularity. We discussed the investments that Portfolia has made in different Femtech companies, what Femtech investors are looking for and the importance of your network. In this episode Dr. Brittany Barreto announces some exciting new launches for Femtech Focus! Hint: We want to help YOU fundraise your Femtech startup.

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