BONUS #3 - Black Women's Health in the United States

Dr. Teriya Monick Richmond is a board certified family medicine physician and has been practicing for over 10 years. Dr. Richmond was the first physician in the Harris Health System to facilitate Centering Pregnancy, she also served as an Assistant Professor at the University of Texas-Houston and currently serves as the Chief Medical Officer of the AIDS Foundation in Houston. Dr. Richmond recently opened Your Essential Healthcare and DaySpa (YEHD), which is a dedicated women’s health center and continues her clinical research in areas topics including endometriosis, cervical cancer and bacterial vaginosis. Apart from her extensive career in health, Dr. Richmond has also initiated her own women’s empowerment brand, Mocha Millennium Women, which encourages women to be confident in who they are through fitness, fashion, and fun. We discussed the history, disparities & the current state of of black women’s health in the United States including racism in public health.

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