Reconnecting with Yourself After Divorce with Jennifer Butler

In this episode I interview life coach, Jennifer Butler, about the importance of reconnecting with yourself after divorce.  So many people, especially women, lose their identity in their marriages and when divorce happens they have no idea who they are outside of being a wife or mother.  Jennifer discusses strategies and tips that people can use to reconnect with who they really are so that they can move forward and lead a happy, empowered life post divorce.
. Jennifer can be found co-hosting “Deep Chats Podcast”<> and her writing can be found on JennJoyCoaching<>, Worthy<>, ESME<>, LiveThroughTheHeart<>, Divorced Girl Smiling<> and Instagram<>. If you are ready to transform the patterns and begin living your own best life, email Jennifer at<>, to set up your free 30-minute session. Download your FREE Roadmap to Love E-Journal<>!!

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