before/during/after with Actress, Writer and Producer, Finnerty Steeves

I am very excited for today’s episode. With me today is Finnerty Steeves who is a writer, producer, and actress who's been in multiple movies, commercials, and television shows including the Sopranos and Orange is the New Black.
Finnerty’s first feature as a writer and producer, alongside actress is in the movie is “before/during/after” which is an extraordinary movie on divorce. Finnerty’s own divorce back in 2010 helped her create the movie that let viewers see what it was like to go through it from her own perspective after her seemingly perfect 15 year marriage came to an end.  She tries to relate her character to those who have gone through similar situations in hopes of having people relate to the character Jennie. 
In our interview we discuss both the movie and Finnerty’s own divorce.  You won’t want to miss this episode and I highly recommend you watch this exceptional movie.
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