#75 "What if you had a client who did very bad or shameful things?"

To pre-order your copy of Kati's new book TRAUMATIZED visit https://geni.us/Bfak0jAsk Kati Anything episode 751) What is/are the most common things where a client thinks they're the "only one", but really a therapist hears it ALL the time. What might be the most surprising? 2) How do you handle a client that appears to be really struggling at the very end of a session? As in about to burst into tears and very obviously just trying to hold everything together (but unsuccessfully)? I have C-PTSD and my biggest triggers are feeling dismissed or abandoned...3) Why do I find the thought of my therapist comforting or feeling empathy for me so soothing yet so uncomfortable? I'm not sure about it being attached to her. (what's the difference between comfort and attachment? ) but there is something so weird about it. Last session I was really dissociating and panicking...4) Is there any "real" therapy work in the beginning/ when the client comes in every session with a whole bag of stories to tell? My therapist encourages me to talk about anything on my mind/how life has been because she wants to give me that space rather than follow what is on her notes. But because I don't see her weekly (can't afford it), so much...5) What if you had clients who did very bad things or shameful things? Should they mask it when they go to therapy or just say everything into the DETAIL? Like what if the client says they are abusing protected classes or they admitted to murder?6) How do I be okay with being myself in therapy? I have social anxiety, so I always have trouble talking in session, even answering simple questions is hard. But last session, I was able to open up more than ever before and just be myself like how I would be with someone I know well and trust...7) What does a therapist have in place for their clients in case something happens to them (the therapist)? For example, a therapist dies or has a sudden emergency where they have to quit therapy? Do they have confidential information that is then able to be passed on to someone else so that the client doesn't start over completely? Also, do they have a person or persons in mind to be able to possibly be a new therapist for...8) I’m wondering after a patient ends therapy how long do you keep their notes? What if they come back after that time?9) Is it possible to have "symptoms" that aren't really symptoms? I feel like I am now hyper analyzing everything I do thinking that maybe it's a symptom but I wonder if some of them are just my habits and not a sign of mental illness. For example when I rub one nail under another and it feels physically...10) I recently set up an appt with my therapist after a year of not seeing her. I’m a frontline healthcare worker and the burnout is real. I’ve been struggling with postpartum anxiety and postpartum depression and some mild suicidal ideation. I’ve never experienced...My new book TRAUMATIZED is available for preorder! Order your copy today https://geni.us/Bfak0jSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/katimorton)

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