The Sensuality of Scent with Mauricio Garcia Perfumer of Herbcraft Perfumery

I met Mauricio after his exquisite lecture at the Modern Witches Confluence last year and immediately wanted to know more, being a scent junkie myself. Believe me, you will too. Scent is such an all-encompassing experience and his pairing of witchcraft to perfuming is just fascinating. He is a wealth of knowledge, and an exemplary Taurus for his complete surrender to the cultivation of beauty and honoring the divine in nature with his commitment to never using materials that are classified as vulnerable threatened or endangered by the IUCN Red List.
Mauricio Garcia is a perfumer and certified aromatherapist based in San Francisco, California and a founding member of the Ministry of Scent. His fascination with the botanical world began in his Abuela’s small, yet flourishing garden in foggy South San Francisco: the fruit trees and the roses, the yerba buena and other herbs that grew in clay pots, the wall of fragrant Jasminum polyanthum that seemed to always be blooming. Through Herbcraft Perfumery, Mauricio teaches classes and workshops on perfumery, aromatherapy, and witchcraft with an emphasis on sustainability and respect towards the botanical world, as well as formulates bespoke enchantments and fragrances for individuals and indie product lines.


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