Existential Kink is here to help! A delightful conversation with Carolyn Elliott PHD and Bad Ass Witch

Having personally taken several of her classes and enjoy her newsletter immensely getting the chance to unpack the journey of openly embracing your witch practice, reflections on your time with a sex cult, balancing your responsibilities as a businesswoman and an inherent rebel was, to say the least invigorating.
As the world is forced to embrace their biggest fears about security, purpose, and values I can not think of a better workbook to cling to.
I won’t spoil any more. You simply must hear for yourself.
Dr. Carolyn Elliott helps leaders align their will, wield power, and amass wealth. She's the author of the hot new release Existential Kink: unmask your shadow and embrace your power, and of the cult-favorite creativity book Awaken Your Genius. She's the founder of a 7-figure coaching and online teaching business. She currently directs WEALTH: the life-changing community where leaders come into their full power via the Hermetic Arts. She also leads the Game of Sovereigns Existential Kink coach training program.
WEALTH - features monthly mentorship conversations, hilarious & hot virtual social events, guided workshops on the alchemy of the psyche, and a graduate-level study seminar in the Hermetic Arts
Also her latest book Existential Kink is awesome and tackles incorporating shadow to get really real about what you really want. 


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