Everything! with Monika Thomas host of the Bay Area’s Sexploration with Monika for over 14 years and Fetish Party Producer

Before she planted her heart in San Francisco, Monika was a radio personality, born and raised in Alaska. After traveling the world and studying social justice, she decided to save the world and have a good time doing it by talking about sex on the radio. Monika spent 20 years building a deep knowledge of San Francisco's people and places being "Professionally Homeless For Sex Talk"* --actually living all over the SF Bay.
You’ll hear a variety of experts on Sexploration with Monika, from clinical sexologists and relationship counselors to female ejaculation “squirtxperts” and tantric shaman to BDSM educators and kink porn stars. Let’s intellectually explore the ocean of possibilities in healthy human sexuality. “Sex-positive” means that sex, and pleasure, can be good for you – but only you can define what healthy sexuality is for yourself, and there are a thrillingly infinite number of pathways to pleasure. Favorite interview topics include sensuality as meditation, deconstructing dominant culture inequality & sex-negativity, clear relationship communication skills, the importance of self-pleasuring and good boundaries, creating non-traditional families and communities, investigation of “unusual” sex practices, safer sex techniques, harm reduction strategies, individual choice and responsibility, uncovering new pleasures, & your own personal funlightenment.
She recently has gotten into producing events like Erotic Church 


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