Ep 1 - Carnal Chemistry

Oct 19 2021

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I'm Angel Russell and you're listening to sexual wellness startup presented by Tickle.life. This show is a behind the scenes look at how our team makes the tickle.life magic happens. If you like what you hear, please subscribe. If you're watching this on YouTube, please like and comment. It helps other people find us. Thank you for listening and enjoy the show.


All right. Hi, everyone. My name is Angel Russell, and this is sex tech startup. And we are this is our first episode our launch episode. We're very excited. Um, we are going to be talking about this project that we've all been working on for a really long time. That is, I think everybody's baby at this point. And we're just right on the cusp of seeing this thing come to life. So let me just tell you a little bit about what we're doing. And then I'm going to kick it over to our founder. So all right 1000s, of years back in the glorious city of Vanaras, Vatsyana, a scholar of religion decided to pin down a treatise celebrating love and sex. By putting in a lot of time and effort, he created Kama Sutra, a narrative that can take you on a sexually enlightening journey, beginning with Nandi overhearing Lord Shiva having sexual Congress with Parvati. Through the pages of this distinct narrative, Vatsyana created a path to discover more on all forms of pleasure and desire in life.


As the years passed by the treatise as a whole started to accumulate dust and become a mere sexual manual, even gained the reputation of pornography. Through carnal chemistry tickle.life endeavors to move beyond the sleazy representations of Kama Sutra and strive to reinvent its true essence to the world of non-fungible tokens. That's right, we're doing an NFT project y'all. Artists from different parts of the world are collaborating with tickle.life and creating a narrative that brings in their representation of the Kamasutra book too. Here, each artist carves out a story that moves beyond the concept of penetrative sex. So we've got some of the artists from this amazing project that are going to talk about their work and their story and what they're doing to make this project their own. But before I hand it off to any of the artists, I do want to welcome shakun, our founder to come and tell us a little bit about this project, and how you got the idea for this and kind of just give us some insight.


Thank you so much, Angel. And if you can see me which you can, you'll know that I've just been like, so happy with this project, and seeing all the amazing artwork that's been coming around. How did this started? We all know that, you know, tickle.life is a discovery platform. And we realized that one of the most important thing of showcasing sexuality has been through art. And that has been from time immemorial. So while we were sitting, and while we were thinking, and we just thought, like, you know, why not, do the same here right now, why not become the patron of art, and why not provide an opportunity for more people to see how amazingly well, art can incorporate sexuality. And that's what we are doing. And the best way we can do it is through presenting Kama Sutra because that's, that's my roots, because it's from India, people all across the world know, and I know like all the artists, thank you so much who actually worked with us, they all got super excited the moment they heard about, you know, Kama Sutra, as as the theme of the entire project, so I'm happy. And I know that you know, we really are going to do something amazing.


Well, thank you for that. We're so happy, you're glowing, I can see that you're glowing. And this is been so much fun to be a part of. I admit, when we first got started, I had to learn a lot about what an NFT was. So I was super onboard with the art and I was super onboard with everything we were doing. And I thought it was great. But I got to learn about this whole new world online and it made me feel a little old. Like my children were like, come on, ma,  get with it and like explaining NFT's to me. But it's very, very cool to be in this space. And all right, we are joined by some of the artists, not all of them some of the artists that are part of this project. And so I'm gonna just pass the microphone first. I want to welcome Jenya and so Jenya, if you will just introduce yourself a little bit and tell us a little bit about you.


Hello, everyone. My name is Jenya desko and I'm artist and illustrator from Russia but currently, I live in Valencia in Spain. And I created a station about my work site about beauty of the moment about nature of women, women. And it's different moods of, of every woman. So yeah, my greatest recession like sins maybe not so long like seven years maybe I just working on like this before it was big gaps artist work


Your artwork is beautiful and so we're super happy to have you all right thank you for that. Um all right I'm gonna go with Romy introduce yourself to us please darling


All right. Hello everyone um, I'm Romina Froemel. I'm, I'm from Telus and I'm an illustrator and animation graduate. That means I started to the animation for films, and then also a concept artist. And most of the time when I knew straight I think of BDSM art, fashion, and horror, which are my three favorite things. I started to do BDSM a couple of months ago, so I'm basically drawing my path. And during the things that I like, like witchy, the occult, the mysterious and show the beauty of it.


Awesome. Oh, yeah, I can picture I haven't seen everybody's names next to everybody's art, but listening to all of you. I feel like I could pick who is like each piece. I'm like, oh, yep, yep, yep. Yep. So this is fun to get to know you. And last, but certainly not least, Suvrojit. Give us the bring us home name


Hi, my name is Suvrojit Chaudhary. I'm from India. And my journey with illustration is not quite long. It's been two to three years. I've been involved in illustrations before this before, like digital industry. I was involved in, in like traditional painting methods. But with digital illustrations, it's really intriguing. And currently, I'm involved in the art forms, which depicts the wonderful relation between the demon or from the devil from the dark side, and human with all imperfections and with greyness within them. So my art is basically all about that. The sometimes it's about your love. Sometimes it's about passion. Sometimes it's about really BDSM. But it's all about, you know, accepting the demon and the darkness within. And making love to it.


That's so fascinating. Y'all are so fascinating. What a great group. How did you find this amazing people Shakun? Wow, this is fantastic. Okay, so I do have some questions for you. I know we sent them to you ahead of time. And so I'm going to go in order of how they were on what we sent you. And so my very first question is going to be back to you, Suvrojit, why did you get started creating erotic art?


Oh, as a child, I was fascinated with comics of Marvel and DC. And I brought and I used to purchase comic books majorly, because of the art in it. And at a very young age, I was very fascinated with the figure drawings, how a person looks when he flies, and when he sits and all those postures and all. And that actually pushed me into drawings and I tried to imitate those drawings. But gradually, when I started to, you know, graduate myself, if if Yeah, if graduate is the correct word. Gradually, when I started to graduate myself with the with more adult like comics, comics, having more drama and lesser action. Then I saw the Art Beyond the art, which depicts lovemaking, and various shades of human emotion and all that. So from that, I tried to pick up erotica. And then I started making erotic art. And I found that there is so much to it. It's a sea of concept, there is no end to it. And I live in a city where I live in a city which is an abomination and close to it, there is Konark temple, which is filled with the entire temple is the is designed and the entire temple is designed in the name of sexual interpretations and sexual relations of humans and humans with animals, humans and birds and all that you can search it in the Google, you will get it. So that's what pushed me to go to pursue erotic art. And yes, I'm having a great time.


Well, we're very glad that you pursued erotic art. So we are all enjoying the fruits of those labors. So thank you for that. Alright, so our next question is for Romy, what is the inspiration that brought you to your first erotic drawing?


Yeah, my first No, no Yeah, I remember it was like a lottery the COVID promo yeah and those first for pro challenger I did on Instagram but I really like this or this guy because he portrays so well like human expression lining and these portray the Colvin which I how which is we're seeing like some mock, obviously like it these old women eating babies killing them dancing around, say then all this stuff and I was thinking who are the witches today? Or is this the witches and I wanted to present like young women with their cats like in that they excel injury and something I want to show something beautiful. Above it's like, how beautiful is the joy the like to feel like this confidence to be essential and to feel sexy. And I wanted to show them or not, not something like a flesh on hormones and passion, it's I feel like it's more than that. I wanted to show how, how fun it is, and how normal it is to feel like that. And because it's very beautiful to feel free when you trust in someone else and we feel happy with yourself. And I want to show that in a beautiful way so everyone can see how how good it is, and how how good it feels also, because it still at least in my country, it's it's still there's still stigma is still tabboo. And that causes a lot of damage mental and physical damage in relationship. So for me, it's, it's a good way to show it.


I love that taking something that's inspired by something dark and something that maybe doesn't have the best reputation and say no, I want to paint that differently. I want to put that in a different light. And I want to make it fun and beautiful and I want to normalize this like I think that's so freakin cool. And I am like I said I've already been sort of scoping all of y'all out online and I'm excited to doing that but what you're what you're saying really does come through in your work and so that was That's awesome. Thank you for sharing that with us. So all right, Jenya, last but certainly not least, what led you to creating erotic art?


Well, um, I do remember that I had to choose the topic of my art I remember that I always love to draw to draw women in the ordinary life in the daily life. So what I illustrate is more like freedom of every woman in her like daily boring routine life that she can feel beautiful, sexy and funny and anything else it's like more about freedom. So I will state woman like how she's in nature in the inside the house or wherever, and she just stay beautiful. And nice and sexy. She can be different.


That's awesome, what a cool thing to celebrate. Like, again, it goes back to the same thing that y'all are talking about, like normalizing like pleasure and normalizing freedom and creating beautiful things where people don't think to look for beauty and it's awesome. Alright, so our last question is to everyone and so I will ask the question and then I'll just sort of call on each of you sort of separately, so our question is what interested you in becoming part of this project this carnal chemistry project so how did you What made you decide like yeah, that's for me and so I'm going to start with we'll just start where we ended I'll start with Jenya what interested you in this project?


Well, it's it's super interesting the topic and the project the idea and I was thinking how would I illustrate this idea and not in their ordinary way? Like how would I tell the story about this and it's like a challenge and it's super interesting to me so create be so creative in to show in this topic, but in a very unusual way. So yeah, this is why


It is a really neat opportunity to see how you all have made it your own. So Alright, so Rumi, you're up.


Well, I love the idea and I love the illustrate, because a Kamasutra was really was awesome. Until it's not very well known, like, I think our only will is still like, it still has a stigma and typical image. So when they send me their reference, I cleared a little more about it. And I ended up fascinated because it's actually really good. And it's far more than positions and sex and, and I love that I always say that it's always seen in media, it's more like how to be in a healthy relationship, how to be happy with your partner, it's all about a make everything feel like a fresh and new and healthy and happy. So for this time, I wanted to change a little how I illustrate things because I always do it in this this slider, like a strange and the occult. And I wanted, I wanted to make make it look like beautiful, like a sensory image. To feel like a safe space for people like this is not it's not this dirty image that everyone let that everyone like knows. It's more like a fresh view of it. Like, this could be me this could be how I could be with my partner. And it's not just something like dirty or forbidden, like something that feels so, so good to call to love. I wanted to I wanted to share that with the people.


I love that. make a safe space for people. I think this work is really doing that. But what a great goal. All right, Suvrojit. You're, you're our last person. So again, bring us home.


So there are a couple of things which made me interested. The first one is my early memories of when I was a teenager. We used to you know, we used to watch porn, and we used to get cheap. Like we used to get cheap CDs and DVDs and used to watch porn few friends. So once we watched this movie Kama Sutra, which is directed by Mira Nair. So back then I didn't know who she was. But right now, but when I grew older, and I've watched other movies of her then I got to know how huge our house of talent she is. But but then back then when I saw that movie with my friends, I had no idea what beautiful thing Kama Sutra is. Well, my other friends they saw it from a pornographic point of view. But to me, it was a it was pure beauty. It was pure beauty there is a scene where the two you know two legs of a woman they joined together and they form a shape of a swan and other friends could not see it. But I saw that and it stayed with me and somehow or the other. It has made me interested to make more erotic art and when I caught this opportunity I saw that there is fastness to this to Kama Sutra there are so many positions not only positions there are so many things even before that begins There is so much to do. So yeah, that's like like that got me in. And last but not the least it's from my land. And every time I do it, that it makes me feel proud that I'm I'm working on a literature which is written in my land. And also I have less right now left on a personal point. I left my job as as a financial analyst, because I could not really connect myself. I could connect to being an artist. So yeah, there is constant questions like where will this part live? Like, like, Where will this path like take you to what will be the end of it? What is the ultimatum have it right now I'm in the moment and I'm enjoying it. And yeah, this makes me realize that whatever makes me happy I'm ready to be it Kamasutra or anything else. I'm happy doing this.


I love that I'm happy doing this. I love that. I love that that is that's it right? That's the goal. I'm happy doing this is not the dream. You're living the dream over there, man. I love it. That's great. I we just appreciate all of you. So much for giving up your time, for to come out and talk to us and share with us. This has been a beautiful way to start my day and everybody's in different time zones. This is me first thing in the morning for myself. So y'all are starting my day with me. And I really appreciate that. I want to what I'll do is in the shownotes, I will make sure that everyone has access to your Instagram. So if you're listening and you want to find out how to find these lovely humans, all of everybody's Instagrams are in the show notes and you guys can go check it out there. If you want to find out more information about the project, you can head to the show notes and the website will be there. And does anybody have any questions? Any last thing that if I just don't say this, I'll burst. Everybody feel good? Yeah, yeah. Y'all delightful. So we really appreciate you. That's all for this episode of sexual wellness startup. Don't forget to subscribe to the show to get notified when a new episode drops. Thank you so much for joining us. I hope you have a fantastic day.

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