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Tickle.Life promises you a juicy sneak peek into the personal life, dating and sexual experiences of the top sexperts! After all, we do love to be a good voyeur, a fly on the wall listening in to all the juicy conversations. 😉 Get to know your fabulous host Gaia Morrissette beyond her professional persona. She is a holistic sexual instructor, BDSM expert and a high priestess. Sounds wow, doesn’t it? But, this is not even the beginning. Living life on her own terms, she is ethically non-monogamous, hangs out with monkeys, frolics naked in the forests, enjoys barbeque sex and summer nights! She is a pleasure seeker with a life mantra to be present for each moment, feeling and possibility. Tune in to know the real Gaia Morrissette and her adventures! Reach out to us at for any information, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @ticklelife and Facebook @tickledotlife Looking for more sex positive podcasts? Discover some great ones we have curated at

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