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Yael Rosenstock

Yael is a sexologist, author, speaker, and curriculum developer dedicated to creating and nurturing spaces of inclusion, care, and self-exploration. Since becoming a teen peer reproductive rights educator at 15, she has been involved in sex-related fields. Her undergraduate thesis, “A Not so Silent Voice for Female Sexuality: Empowering Examples from Literature Cross-Culturally” and her Master’s thesis, “Dismantling Rape Culture through an Exploration of Consent, Desire, and Pleasure” created space for her to explore sexuality, consent, and pleasure through different disciplines. Since starting her company, Kaleidoscope Vibrations, LLC, Yael has published her first book, “An Introguide to a Sex Positive You: Lessons, Tales, and Tips” and is working on a collaborative body positive photo-interview series entitled Diverse Bodies Project. She speaks at conferences, universities, and schools as well as hosting adult pleasure and body positive classes. Yael aspires to be a leading force in ridding the world of sexual violence and replacing it with sexual freedom. That is, freedom to be, feel, abstain, or engage in sexual encounters and be confident in your decisions. This work will be accomplished through collaborations and partnerships with other people in her field and through community led-efforts.

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