Tanya Charbury is a former model and sex worker as well as a former Dominatrix. She's also a professional writer and speaker on subjects ranging from sexuality to software engineering. She is a transgender girl and has been out as such for more than 5 years. She's a free-market girl and, by implication, is adamant that anyone's consensual sexuality, including sex work, does not deserve threats of violence nor actual violence from any individual or group, least of all a government.

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The Clients of Trans-Girl Sex Workers

Tanya, Oct 26 2019



Coming Out as Trans

Tanya, Aug 12 2019

Have you ever wondered what it might look like if you, or someone you knew, came out as trans? Read on to learn more!


Public Nudity - An Anecdote

Tanya, Jul 16 2019



Anti-Transgender Violence

Tanya, Jul 14 2019

This article explains how transgender violence is a harsh reality. This article illustrates the real-life example of the trans girl.


Anal Pleasure

Tanya, Jun 09 2019

Person A [a stranger at the emergency room, with a cellular phone inside his anus]: I was about to take a shower