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Michael Charming

Orgasm & Relationship Expert, International Best-Selling author, Award Winning International Speaker, Certified Emotional Detox Bodyworker, Certified OM Life Coach, Founder AOM and Author of ‘Amplify Your Orgasm’. Michael Charming has been working in the field of sexuality for more than 7 years and has worked with more than 100's of clients over these years. Through his coaching sessions, his clients have improved their relationship, sexual connection and experienced transformational changes in many aspects of their lives. Through his bodywork sessions, many of his female clients have felt profound relaxation, more confidence, rejuvenation, experienced pleasure and emotional light-heartedness, sexual revitalisation, release of trauma, whole body orgasms etc. Michael’s core visions are to help people have more Orgasms, more nourishing and fulfilling relationships and more love, happiness and deeper human connection in their life. He is currently working on his second book (expected launch in Nov’20), creating various online courses and in organizing various workshops internationally.

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