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Fuck Buddies is a self-help podcast focusing on providing healthy and inclusive solutions to dating and sex-related questions submitted by listeners and found on popular social media services. Fuck Buddies is a one-hour advice show hosted by Dain Miller and Niall Spain. Taking turn posing questions submitted by their listeners and that they’ve found on social media (and sometimes more dubious sources), the hosts tackle the entire spectrum of dating and sex advice quandaries from light-hearted queries to serious moral dilemmas. Common topics are consent, communication issues, break-up recovery, and initiating a romantic or sexual relationship. Spurred by the concerning rise of movements such as the Red Pill and Incel communities, Dain and Niall began production on a podcast that would hopefully inspire those struggling with romantic, sexual, and relationship difficulties to reach out for assistance free of judgement before frustration manifested itself into toxic behaviour or worse. Dain Miller is a jack of all trades when it comes to media. He studied at Humber’s Acting for Film and TV program before shifting focus to more behind the camera roles. He’s written, directed, produced and edited short films, feature films and webseries. With several of years of relationship experience and even more years of colourful bachelorhood, Dain is an untapped reservoir of dating and sex advice knowledge. Niall Spain is a writer. With a few novels, a handful of short stories, and the odd short-list behind him, he’s certainly making great use of his Honors International BA in English and Classical Studies. With experience in both Irish and Canadian dating culture, as well having spent equal time being single and taken ( and loving them both ), he can offer a fresh, and nuanced, perspective on any sex or dating quandary.

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