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Domina Doll is a sex magic hippie chick, manifesting Goddess and the current Editor of In addition to managing all aspects of, Domina is a savvy sex writer, kick ass designer, SEO and Marketing Superstar, as well as Passion, Pleasure and Empowerment Coach for women. Domina has a BFA in film, photography, and feminist film studies and has dabbled as a fetish photographer, avante garde starving film artist, sex toy peddler and reviewer, as well as a lifestyle Domme and high class call girl. Her work has been published in several magazines including Womens-Health Interactive, Bustle, ThoughtCatalog, YourTango, Kinkly, and SluttyGirlProblems. She is the author of “Jill’n Off: A Girl’s Guide to Solo Sex”, and her photography, film and installation work has been featured in Broken Pencil, Venus Envy, UNB Art Center, NetPorn Amsterdam Expo, Moncton Art Gallery, Tidal Wave Film Festival, Center for Art Tapes, Anna Leonownes Gallery, Park Lane Theaters, A-Space Gallery, & Gallery Connexion. She is owner of, a full service adult marketing and design company.

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Top 10 Interesting Penis Facts

Domina Doll, Jul 03

Here are our Top 10 Interesting Penis Facts Since we paid homage to the vagina, (and in celebration ...

Here are our Top 10 Interesting Penis Facts Since ...

40 Best Sex Podcasts 2020 by Sexpert

Domina Doll, Jun 11

The 40 Best Sex Podcasts that are Candid, Explicit, Titillating, Erotic, Mostly Hilarious and Sometimes Very Strange


Anti-Racism Resource Kit: Part 3

Domina Doll, Jun 06

Unlearn and Organise.

Unlearn and Organise.

Anti-Racism Resource Kit - Part 1

Domina Doll, Jun 06

It's time to unlearn and organise.

It's time to unlearn and organise.