Your Sexual Wellness UpGrade Program

Author :- Gaia Morrissette June 29, 2020, 9:18 a.m.
Your Sexual Wellness UpGrade Program

The keys to a happy, healthy, wealthy , magickal and epic orgasmic life is; sexual wellness and embracing the human experience. Come discover how

Welcome to your Sexual Wellness upgrade!

What is Sexual Wellness, and Why Do You Want it?

Sexual wellness means taking into consideration and looking at the person in a holistic perspective. There is mind, body, and spirit, and in the center is who you are as a sexual being! THAT is the sexual wellness component within each and every one of us, and it includes who you are as a sexual being. All of this affects your soul…your mind, body, and spirit, and everything integrates with each other.

In order to be completely balanced, you must pay attention to all aspects of yourself.

In sexual wellness, there are 5 aspects we dive deeply into:

  • Play
  • Sensuality
  • Sexuality
  • Exploration
  • Sacred

Each of these aspects of sexual wellness have the power to completely change your life. By paying attention to all of them, you’ll be able to finally be in complete harmony with yourself and find a balance you didn’t know you could achieve.

The awesome benefits of what happens when you are sexually well and balanced and connected to who you are as a sexual being:

  • Have an orgasmic life! (YAY!)
  • Find joy in your daily life!
  • Improve your physical health through stress management, pain management, joy, and pleasure; all have a good effect your body on a physical level.
  • Heighten communication skills. In order to have sexual wellness, you have to be able to communicate.
  • Self-awareness. You need to know what you are feeling, thinking, and how your body is responding to every situation.
  • Epic sex life with yourself and others

Course Option

Self-Study Program. Includes full course with 7 modules; each module has 2-3 videos, downloads, workbooks, and exercises. We’ve aimed to make it detailed and comprehensive but flexible because you have the freedom to learn how (and when) you want! You don't even have to wear pants!!!

Investment: $497.00 Canadian

Who Am I?

I am your guide, your teacher, your facilitator, and your cheerleader... I am Gaia Morrissette. I believe the key ingredient to a happy, healthy, wealthy, magical, epic, and orgasmic life is sexual wellness, embracing the human experience, and letting go of fear, shame, guilt, and self-loathing. I am a universal translator and conduit of love and light. I help people release and heal trauma. I am a holistic sexual wellness specialist. I am a High Priestess of Divine Sexual Magick and Guardian of Elemental magicks. And, personally, I am an Orgasmic Goddess! I make pleasure safe, make sex better, and help people take their lives to the next level, and I do this through speaking, training, and coaching.

I look forward to teaching you soon, and I lovingly invite you to have more orgasmic bliss, more joy, more happiness, better health and wealth and all these wonderful things into your life!!

Cum hang out with me soon!