Your Own Sexy Photo Album

Author :- Dr. Trina Read Sept. 23, 2020, 4:03 p.m.
Your Own Sexy Photo Album

Posing For the Camera Can Be Excellent Foreplay
There are many  of us who are (closeted) exhibitionists. That is the average Jane or Joe gets turned-on while 'exhibiting' themselves in front of a crowd or camera.

Not sure if you' re an exhibitionist? Simply take a camera into the bedroom and have your partner take a few pics.

Trust me it's both fun and sexy.

Create Your Own Sexy Photo Album

If you have kids or are a little too shy to have sexy pictures floating around the internet or your house, simply create a sexy photo book exclusively for you and your partner's eyes only.

Have photos taken by a ‘boudoir’ photographer Or if you prefer have your partner take pictures at home.

  • Create a blank backdrop and let them pick a few outfits to pose you in.
  • Then (as a surprise) switch places—our partner's want and love to feel sexy too.
  • If your camera is equipped with a timer, you can take photos of the two of your together.
  • Every once in a while pull our your photo book and be prepared to get turned on.


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