Yes To Swingers: A Unique Way To End Sexual Boredom

Author :- Sexual Revelation Feb. 24, 2021, 12:01 p.m.
Yes To Swingers: A Unique Way To End Sexual Boredom

Swingers have often been depicted as a group of incredible people debauchers, very sexually confident, and into a lot of kinks. It is a community that is typically discussed in secret whispers, typically out of fear of being judged.

But how much do you ACTUALLY know about swingers and how it all works? Is it something that you should really judge, or could it possibly be the answer to your sexual boredom?

What is swinging? 

Swinging is considered by some circles to be an ethical non-monogamous relationship form. As a part of the larger polyamory world, swingers enjoy having sex or even carrying on full-on relationships with more than one person at a time.

What swinging looks like can differ from relationship to relationship.

In some, both partners seek out one partner to enjoy time with together. Sometimes each partner seeks out their own sexual partners for pleasure.

Sometimes it might even be what you have been considering a friend with benefits!

Swinging is another version of kink that many singles and couples enjoy. Other versions of kink include bondageBDSM, fetishes and more.

Who is a swinger?

There is not one specific kind of look or feel for someone or people that are interested in swinging. To be honest, it is not a far-fetched idea that you have spoken to a swinger, yourself!

That is the whole idea, folks. Swingers don’t look any different from us and swinging does not have to be taboo!

You can be a swinger while being single, or you can be in a swinging relationship. It really is whatever you are looking to consent to!

Is swinging acceptable?

Yes. Swinging is an ethical alternative to monogamous dating and relationships. It should not, however, be confused with cheating. Swingers make sure that their main partner and sub-sequential partners are all aware and consenting.

How to bring up swinging

It can be challenging to bring up new ideas, especially sex ideas to stop sexual boredom in the bedroom. No one wants to feel judged or put on the spot for being a boring husband or a bored wife, in the sheets.

And even if you are not a bored wife or bored husband, it can still feel risky to bring up swinging with your partner, because you may not be sure how they are going to feel about it.

That is true, but a conversation can be just that, a conversation. To bring up swinging does not mean that you and your lover will be going to a swingers party next weekend!

The next time the opportunity presents itself, bring up swinging to gauge your partner’s ideas on it. And really listen.

Try to hear their point of view, and try to have them understand yours. If you need help with communicating these ideas with your partner, a sex coach may be a great resource to help guide the conversation.

How to get involved in swinging?

If it can be intimidating to speak about swinging in public, of course, it can be ever more challenging to find out how you can get involved in swinging.

If you are interested in swinging as a solo activity or with a partner, there are certainly a handful of options of how to get involved.

With your safety being paramount, there are many swing-dating apps and websites that you can try. SwingTowns is a great resource for learning more about swinging and for getting started.

What Are Some Swinging Alternatives

If you are still unsure if you would like to really be a part of the swinging community, fantasy is a really great first step. If you are single fantasize about what it would be like to be a swinger.

If you are in a relationship, maybe you and your partner can introduce the fantasy during sex to see how it makes you feel! Here are some toys that can even help begin to bring the fantasy to life while it is just the two of you!

Either way, this is all about ending sexual boredom and bring fun back into your sex life. Don’t miss out!

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