Would you like to have an EPIC Sex Life?

Author :- Gaia Morrissette June 10, 2020, 9:51 a.m.
Would you like to have an EPIC Sex Life?

The Sexuality aspect in sexual wellness supports you in surrendering to Orgasmic pleasure. In order for Orgasms to happen you must surrender to the experience of pleasure. Most people spend so much time trying to control the pleasure – trying to force the orgasm to happen. When that happens, they miss out on the amazing orgasmic experience and pleasure that their body wants to have and express. 

This aspect includes the exploration and development of sexual skills and techniques. Start to work on communication. Most importantly, learn to get out of your brain and surrender into your body.

There are a couple of concepts I would like to share with you so your sex life can move from good to EPIC:

  1. What is your Purpose for engaging in sexual activity? Is it to give and receive pleasure? Is it goal driven to achieve Orgasm or Ejaculation, or both? Orgasm and Ejaculation are not the same thing. I know, mind blowing, isn’t it! If your answer was yes to the second question, Orgasm or Ejaculation is the goal, you are putting a lot of pressure on yourself and your partner(s). There does not need to be a start, middle and end to sexual experience. If you open yourself up to looking at sexual experience (which include ones with yourself as well as with others) as giving and receiving pleasure, then every encounter can be a success.
  2. When I say orgasmic pleasure I am not talking about Orgasms: I am referring to the sensory pleasure level that moves from “Mmm that feels good” to “OH YES, MORE!!!” That is called Orgasmic Pleasure. The more you surrender to Orgasmic pleasure as a by-product of your sexual activity, the more intense and deeper orgasms your body will have!! WOOHOO!!!
  3. Talking about surrendering can be a very scary word for many people. People who fear surrendering to anything or anyone have not felt safe or have not been safe in the past. This brings me back to the importance of Play as an aspect of sexual wellness. There are many ways to learn to surrender and let go of control both sexually and non-sexually. If you are like WHAT!!! then please let me help you learn to feel safe to surrender. Visit www.succulentliving.com or www.empressgaia.com for BDSM learning to surrender!
  4. What is sexual skill building? This is the good stuff. This is the sexual education you never got and wished you had known when you were younger. This involves learning about the body, the mind, the how to's, the whats and whys and the secret pleasure tips to support your lover’s eyes rolling back in their head with orgasmic pleasure. https://www.succulentliving.com/skill-building
  5. Communication skills: Discover new ways of asking for what you and your body desires through verbal and non-verbal communication. Learn new ways to express in words and/or body language so that your lover knows what you need to feel Orgasmic Pleasure. NO ONE IS A MIND READER!!! Come listen to “My Orgasmic Life Podcast” on communication to get more juicy tips: https://www.succulentliving.com/post/ep-21-chapter-2-communication-is-sexy-becoming-a-better-lover-series-on-my-orgasmic-life-podcast

I hope these concepts can inspire you to take your sex life to the next level!! EPIC!

Surrendering Control Exercise 1: 

Pick a non-sexual activity like cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping. 

  1. Ask a friend, family member or lover if they would like to help you learn to let go of control. Find someone that says yes.
  2. Pick your activity and divide the activity up into 2 equal parts. You are responsible for one part and your partner takes the responsibility for the other...
  3. Now MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS and let them do their part however they want… NO judgement! NO fixing it! NO critizing! That is right, even if you think they are doing it all wrong!! HAHAHAHA You must say nothing and focus on your tasks. 

I promise the world will not come to an end!! Or the sky will NOT fall!! The more you practice this the easier it will be to let go of control and it is the first step to being able to surrender to pleasure and your lovers touch… We want to do this because it helps you to experience more EPIC orgasms!!! 

P.S. Other people will start to enjoy spending more time with you ... Bossy control freaks are not fun to play with!!! 

Until next time! Have a sexy bum wiggling day!

P.S. For more fun and easy Holistic Sexual Wellness and BDSM education come download and listen to her podcast “My Orgasmic Life” found on all your favourite podcasting platforms like Spreaker or Spotify or Apple podcast or Google Podcast  or iHeartRadio.