Why we NEED to Report Fake Cures

Author :- Rich Mancuso June 10, 2020, 9:55 a.m.
Why we NEED to Report Fake Cures

I remember many years ago when I realized the mark I had on my lower back was not a spider bite but was, in fact, herpes; there was very little information available on the subject. But today, you can google any topic or question and find an insurmountable amount of information on that inquiry. Our world of information has grown exponentially. 

While living in the information age has its benefits, there is an unfortunate downside to this world of endless information; it is the lack of proof intertwined with many subjects and their unlimited claims. This is especially true when it comes to marketing and sales of quick, easily obtainable products merely looking for a quick profit. This can be seen everywhere on the internet; it doesn't matter what the product is, you'll see it. 

"There is a sucker born every minute." 


I don't want to come off high and mighty here because we have all been duped over something someone said or a purchase we made in the hopes of a quick fix. Honestly, it's fun getting that new toy or product, but when you are purchasing a product because of a promise that a person or manufacturer made, and it fails to come true, this leaves one with buyers' remorse and some regrettable feelings. These may include the harsh emotion of feeling, well, flat out stupid. At least that's how I felt when I purchased a very expensive 3 part mineral product many years ago. Thanks for the kidney stones, scumbags.

After my diagnosis, I searched through many different health food stores for any supplements that could possibly stop the outbreaks. I must be honest here; I knew nothing about herpes at the time, and even less about the side effects of these over the counter supplements. Not to mention the lousy advice from a few health food store clerks who came off as knowledgeable as a well-schooled pharmacist, only to be endowed with a degree from The Green Drink Academy and a bachelors from Hogwarts.

With no real insight or knowledge into these over the counter products, I ended up causing many digestive issues, and I almost needed surgery. This was due to taking too much of everything. Not to mention the spending around 20,000 or more dollars over 15-20 years to find anything that would make the outbreaks go away. Unfortunately for me, it had little or no effect on herpes. 

When the internet started growing, it was becoming much easier to find products that made great promises. Some products even made extraordinary claims to have the ability to cure herpes and make you test negative. For someone who suffers regularly, this sounds like a great idea and worth a try, doesn't it? Sadly, these claims are false, and it pains me to say, there is no cure. I genuinely wish there was. By the way, testing negative after being exposed to a virus would be a terrible thing. It could mean you have no antibody response, and why would anyone want that? Besides the fact, the test for herpes is testing for an antibody response, not for herpes in the blood. Herpes is not in your blood; if it was, it could kill you.

  •  Blood tests can detect the HSV antibodies,which are proteins produced by the immune system in response to an infection. With direct fluorescent antibody testing, a solution containing HSV antibodies and a fluorescent dye is added to the sample of cells. If the virus is  present in the sample, the antibodies stick to it and glow when viewed under a special microscope. Source

It's complicated.

Herpes is a virus, one that creates a latent infection within the nervous system, and it does so with absolute precision. It's not only over 6 million years old, but it is one of the world's most successful pathogens on the planet. Once inside the body and the virus finds an epithelial cell, it gets inside it quickly and hides. For most people, their immune system has difficulty seeing the virus due to its sneaky nature. Once inside the cell, that's it, it's there for life. For many people, their immune system didn't get a good look at the virus and is like, "What the hell was that?" These are the people who tend to suffer from frequent outbreaks due to an inadequate antibody response to the first exposure to the virus. More info here.

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Herpes simplex HSV1 and HSV2, have two main hiding spots. The Trigeminal nerve (at the base of the brain), for herpes infections above the waist and the Sacral nerve (Dorsal Root Ganglia) or nerve cluster in the tailbone, for infections below the waist. Once inside the body, the virus makes its home in one or both of these areas and remains hidden within the cells and the nerves. At this point, the only way to kill or remove the virus would be to remove the Trigeminal nerve branch or all the nerves in your tail bone. I don't think you need to be a scientists to understand that the removal of these nerves would end in a painful demise. 

Many fake cures and products will make claims that by taking specific herbs or a person sticking to a high alkalinity diet, will remove and kill the virus; this couldn't be further from the truth. While it is very probable that by eating well and getting the proper nutrients, you can experience fewer outbreaks, no minerals, product or herbs can burrow their way into the nervous system, find the infected cells, and remove the virus. It just doesn't work that way. 

However, it is factual that after the virus emerges from the nervous system and makes its way to the outer layer of the epidermis or mucosal membrane, the immune system can attack the virus and remove it. (How quickly this takes place will depend on your immune response). Your body performs this act every time you experience an outbreak, even if you have an inadequate response to the virus, Healing time can vary, but your immune system is unable to trace the virus back to where it hides from within the Trigeminal nerve, or the nerves in your tail bone. And don't get me started on detox claims. My kidneys and liver are working just fine, thanks.

Lets look at some data on the alkaline diet.

The following is from HealthLine. {2}

  •  In general, the alkaline diet is healthy because it's based on whole and unprocessed foods. No reliable evidence suggests it has anything to do with pH levels. However, the notion that the diet boosts health because of its alkalizing effects is suspect. These claims haven't been proven by any reliable human studies.
  •  Food doesn't significantly influence blood pH {3}
  •  While tumors grow faster in acidic environments, tumors create this acidity themselves. It is not the acidic environment that creates cancer cells, but cancer cells that create the acidic environment. {4} 
  •  Your stomach is loaded with hydrochloric acid, giving it a pH of 2–3.5, which is highly acidic. This acidity is necessary to break down food.
  •  On the other hand, human blood is always slightly alkaline, with a pH of 7.36–7.44 {5} 

Again, there is nothing wrong with a healthy balanced diet based on your personal nutritional requirements, and it's possible that a better and healthier diet can help with your outbreaks. Still, an alkaline diet cannot cure you and it cannot find the herpes virus hiding within your nervous system and remove it. 

What about my herbs?

If you are on Instagram, like so many of us (including myself), you will see a myriad of ads and spam relating to herbal cures by Dr. Bogey Whomever, and he has special herbs from Africa that will cure you. I can tell you this is untrue. Well, actually, who knows where the herbs are from, could be anywhere. Could be a warehouse in the Caribbean, or some guy named Frank with a nice back yard in Idaho. Maybe they are from Africa, who knows? But, you still don't know what it is or what the ingredients are, and you have no idea what you are putting into your mouth. I would be willing to bet you money that these products are NOT regulated in any way, whatsoever. 

If someone walked up to you on the street with a bag of dirt and said it could cure you, would you buy it? Would you eat it? I'm hoping you would say no, so why do these snake oil salesmen give you the impression they have any validity? 

But they said I would test negative!

This is another clever ruse that these scumbags use to trick people. Some of these charlatans will even go as far as to promise that you will test negative for herpes, even after you finish (or continue to take) these products. I've also seen and heard from a few people who claim oxygen therapy did this for them as well. I do feel bad for people who have been victimized by this. Here's the rub. 

They ask you to give them a blood sample, and then THEY give you the results, anyone can make or print up numbers on a company letterhead. How convenient...


If a legitimate blood test is taken, they do an IgM test. This test looks for M antibodies that are only present during the first few weeks of a new infection, so of course, it will come back negative. Pretty smart right?

Remember, the antibodies that show up in your blood is not the herpes virus; they are a response to the virus: your defense mechanism against herpes when it emerges. The levels (numbers on a test), can fluctuate up and down when you have an active infection or when you don't. This can take place in many people. 

Is it possible that your numbers can be very low when you are not experiencing an outbreak? Sure. Is it possible that your numbers can be very low when you are eating well and exercising and not experiencing any symptoms? Sure. In many people it's common. Did you know some people experience outbreaks and still test very low or even negative? This is because the current testing methods for herpes are just not that great, sorry to say. 

  •  Up to 50% of positive HerpeSelect ELISA IgG herpes test (which is the most common), can sometimes be false. In fact, results whose values were close to the threshold value, have a 90% chance of being false positives. So a test result that is very close to the threshold value (around or just above) 1.1 might be false positive. Tests 3.0 and above are considered positive. Source

I remember many years ago, my desperation in searching for any solution that would work had severely blinded me to the facts and logic of this issue. This is what these fake cure products and the people who sell them prey on, people's desperation for any hope and solutions. These people are either ignorant, or they are the worst type of scumbbag on the planet. They are lying to people and taking their money. They are bearing false witness and stealing, pure and simple.

Please report any person or product that claims to have the ability to cure your herpes. 

You can also file a report with the Federal Trade Commission. Click Here 

Thank you

How to report spam on Instagram:

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Old men and young men bit alike, and the experience, although dearly bought, will, no doubt, be a lesson to them. Then, too, they can console themselves with that famous expression of Artemus Ward's that "there is a sucker born every minute."

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"How did you get herpes? It's really quite simple. You're a human being and you're alive. Welcome to the planet." 

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