Why Tickle.Life and Sexual Well-being?

Author :- Tickle.Life Editorial Team Oct. 25, 2021, 5:33 p.m.
Why Tickle.Life and Sexual Well-being?

When you acquire a better awareness of sexual well-being and sexuality, it helps you in making important decisions about sex and sexual behavior. Through this, you can lead a healthy and peaceful life. 

Understanding that there is a gap in obtaining accurate sex-based information, Tickle.Life steps in to overcome this concern. Through our sex-positive platform, we endeavor to offer sex education to prepare you for a better tomorrow.

With sex education, you can understand more about sexuality, relationship, and body developments, etc. It can pave the way for building open conversations related to sex and improve your sexual well-being. 

When you garner expert advice on sexual relationships, you can avoid unintended pregnancies and lower the chances of contracting STIs and STDs.

However, only a few countries and places have sex education, and most of them prefer to promote abstinence-only sex education. It is problematic as it results in a lack of understanding and leads to the spreading of misinformation. 

In the US, the government has provided $1.5 billion per year to promote abstinence-only sex education between 1996 and 2019. However, it was decreased to $50 million per year, and only five states in the US mandate sex education. 

Besides, six states in the US ban all forms of discussion related to homosexuality in sex education. This is the case in the US. But, it is worse in several parts of the world, where talks related to sex and sexuality are stigmatized and considered shameful.

Most people rely upon the Internet to find information on sex. But, most of them end up on pornographic sites and depend upon unreliable sources to garner information on sex and sexuality. Understanding this concern, Tickle.Life endeavors to provide accurate information on sexual well-being by spreading sex positivity.

Tickle.Life and its Journey Towards Enhancing Sexual Well-being

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Most people depend upon the Internet to find information nowadays. It leads to the proliferation of incorrect information and the inability of people to filter through them is yet another concern. In most cases, people rely on the Internet to know more about sexual wellbeing.

Since there aren't many reliable sources, Tickle.Life endeavors to be a global discovery platform by offering credible information on sex and sexual wellness. Here is what Shakun Sethi, CEO, and Founder of Tickle.Life has to say about Tickle.Life.

We think at Tickle.life that people should be aware of their desires and preferences. Hence, we are making consistent attempts to provide people with accurate information about sex and sexuality. Over 360+ sexual well-being professionals are associated with Tickle.life, who are committed to assisting individuals in having better sex. We are continuously coming up with fresh and unique ideas that try to debunk misconceptions and define what intimacy and pleasure truly entail. Our articles and podcasts touch on several defining and crucial elements of sexuality. As the first sexual discovery platform, we have embarked on a journey where misconceptions and incorrect information about sex and sexuality have no place. Tickle.life is dedicated to helping you have better sex, regardless of your gender, race, or nationality.

Through the initiatives taken by Tickle.Life, we are on a journey to make sex education more accessible to everyone. It is because sex ed is imperative and helps in communicating about sexuality and sexual well-being without any hesitations. They can play a pivotal role in improving the satisfaction level of the relationship you have with your partner.

When we look at the US, there are three ways by which the government provides sex education. They include abstinence-only sex education that focuses on avoiding risk, abstinence-plus, and comprehensive sex education. However, only a few institutions appreciate the usage of comprehensive sex education, which is a concern. 

When it comes to abstinence-only sex education, there are scenarios where the authorities prohibit teachers from informing about contraception. Instead, they offer misleading information. Even though many claims that abstinence-only sex education is highly beneficial, it is incorrect. 

It is evident from a research study conducted by Mathematica Policy Research Institute¹. As per this study conducted in 2007, the researchers found no evidence of a decrease in sexual activity in people who acquired abstinence-only sex education. 

Besides, those who gained abstinence-only sex education found it challenging to understand diversity and faced tremendous psychological impacts. Understanding these concerns, Tickle.Life creates an ecosystem for spreading sex-positive information with expert advice on sexual relationships. 

The main vision is to make Tickle.life a safe space where people can confide in. We aspire to be the one-stop source for all questions about sexual health. We want to encourage people to embrace their preferences and choices.Tickle.life was created out of a need for a space where sexuality could be addressed openly. We aim to be sensitive to various issues in addition to busting stereotypes. The vision of Tickle.life is to be the voice of the underrepresented. Our thought-provoking content attempts to break all taboos surrounding sexuality. We envision a society in which people can openly discuss sexuality.

Shakun Sethi, CEO, and Founder of Tickle.Life.

How Tickle.Life Creates a Sex-Positive Ecosystem?

Tickle.Life creates a safe space to open up the conversation on sex and sexual well-being. Here, we share the information through blogs, podcasts, courses, and videos that delve deeper into different aspects of improving your sex life. Our blogs endeavor to bring accurate information on relevant topics related to sex, relationship, sexual orientation, and more. We bring in the voices of various sex experts through our written content.

Through our podcasts, we bring in insightful information on love, dating, and sex. Presently tickle.life hosts four sex-positive podcasts, and they are:

  1. Sexual Wellness Startup
  2. Sex Ed Speakeasy
  3. Talking about Sex: Tell Me Your Story
  4. Back To Basics and Tickle.Life podcasts

In the Sexual Wellness Startup, our editorial team is joined by Angel Russell (COO) for planning, educating, and indulging in a deeper-level discussion about relevant sexual wellness topics.

In Sex Ed Speakeasy, we take a fun look at the history of sex and sex education and the impacts that history has on us today. 

In Talking About Sex: Tell Me Your Story, our hosts listen and share real dating, love, and sex experiences. Finally, Back To Basics is an educational podcast that seeks to fight the taboos around sexual health and pleasure, bringing fun and play to the topic of sex ed.

Tickle.life also curates courses to provide accurate information about sex and sexuality. Through Sex 101: Back To Basics, Angel Russell aka Professor Sex brushes up on the basics of sex education. It is a show that has been created to break myths and taboos related to sex and to spread awareness about sexuality. 

Through our Beyond the Basics series, we conducted our first workshop, Light My Fire, attended by over 150 participants. It aimed to rekindle the spark in your relationships.

Tickle.Life has also incubated an NFT initiative known as Carnal Chemistry endeavoring to enhance the representation of erotic artists. The first chapter of this project is the Kamasutra crafted by seven erotic artists from across the world. You can find more about the project from here.



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