Why LGBTQI Associates Pride with Rainbow Unicorns?

Author :- Nivi Shrivastava Feb. 27, 2021, 4:33 p.m.
Why LGBTQI Associates Pride with Rainbow Unicorns?

The thing about pride and rainbows is the idea of a fantasy world where equality and happiness are meant for all and sundry. However, until that happens one has to work with symbolism and representations. For the LGBTQI community, the mythical unicorn is one of the most beloved creatures that depict the fluidity of gender. So what’s so special about the one-horned animal that makes it so relevant and important in gay culture?

Ever-changing symbolism

In the ever-changing definitions of sexuality in a progressive gay world, it is hard to confine yourself into definitions and that’s one of the most important representations of a unicorn. The one-horned mythical creature is known for its shapeshifting powers, and it is a perfect idea of sexuality that doesn’t want to conform itself as male or female. Apart from the gender binary connotations, a unicorn also resonates with masculinity. Historically, the unicorn was used in royal seals and crests to denote victory and glory during a tournament or a battle. As many members of LGBTQ+ would associate this reference to the fight for equal rights and non-judgment for their preferred sexual orientations, a unicorn insignia portrays the constant struggle with the world.

Pop culture and unicorn

With time, the unicorn’s reference has shifted from masculine to more feminine connotations and in pop culture, it often refers to a beautiful unrealistic beauty. In the book ‘The Last Unicorn’ by Peter S. Beagle, a unicorn is described to be genderless and it goes well with the theme of binary or neutral genders of the LGBTQI community. For a community that doesn’t believe in following the societal norms of gender division, mysterious mythical creatures such as mermaids, fairies, and selkies are also quite popular. These references can be seen in the LGBTQI lingo or lifestyle habits such as makeup, clothing, and even food trends, where unicorn references are very visible. The additional rainbow colors and touch of glitter on a unicorn make it even more appealing for a layman, and whether you understand the deeper meaning or not the eye-catching factor works cent percent.

Are you a unicorn?

Since the past few years, as the pride awareness has grown across the world the pop-cult reference of a unicorn has grown tremendously. From glitter collectibles to unicorn merchandise and paraphernalia – the demand for unicorns in toys, cosmetics, clothing, and accessories has gone up remarkably. Most people are obsessed with them simply because they are unreal creatures that are considered to be powerful and magical beings with an extraordinary zeal to do whatever they wish to do. For someone who is struggling with gender issues at any point in life, the idea of a unicorn gives them hope to fantasize and dream about things that are otherwise considered unusual in an ordinary world. It’s totally up to you how you choose to define your sexuality, but sometimes even a purely fictional symbol can work wonders in defining the way you choose to explain it to others. Perhaps, that’s why a unicorn is always a good idea!

Cover photo by Unsplash