Why do Girls Bleed While Having Sex for the First Time?

Author :- The Equating Logical March 2, 2021, 8:33 a.m.
Why do Girls Bleed While Having Sex for the First Time?

Why do women bleed while having sex for the first time?

The hymen- a fragile piece of skin that partially covers the entrance to the vagina, breaks when a girl has sex for the first time. The breaking of this delicate structure, causes a woman to bleed during her first-time sex. 

However, not all girls bleed the first time they have sex. The reason is simple, the hymen since it being thin, breaks easily if a girl is into intense sporting activities or using tampons or menstrual cups.

Breaking your hymen during intercourse can hurt. To ease this out, asking your partner to be gentle, using a lubricant and a condom can really help in making your first time a blissful experience.

There is a lot of myth and taboo associated with the hymen. The hymen looks different for different women, in fact, some women are born without one. The hymen is really not what you think; it is nothing more than a vestigial structure- just like the appendix and has no known purpose. The hymen is thicker for babies and thins over the years. A lot of women are extremely conscious of using tampons or playing sports to keep the hymen intact.

Not all girls bleed when having sex for the first time. Activities like gymnastics, horseback riding, or even cycling could trigger the hymen to break. It is no guarantee that avoiding sports could keep your hymen intact. In fact, a simple split or even a long stretching yoga asana could break the hymen.
You’re not ‘losing’ anything if you don’t bleed the first time you have sex- relax!

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Your first-time sexual experience can range from a quick 2-minute act to an hour-long act. What should be your focus should be to make your first time a blissful and memorable experience.

Comfortable space

This is perhaps the most basic point. If you are not mentally at ease and have a comfortable space, your first experience can be an unhappy one.

Ample foreplay

Having enough foreplay just ensures that your mind and body are eased into the process, excited, and ready for intercourse.

Express what you want

Being vocal about what you like or dislike sends a clear signal to your partner. Sex should never feel painful.

Use a lubricant

Lubricants or lubes are excellent products to help you during your first time. Lubes helps to ease the penis into the vagina. The vagina is tight during the beginning and lubes help in reducing friction and relax the nerves near your vagina.

Condoms help in reducing pain

Apart from condoms helping prevent unwanted pregnancy, condoms come with a lubricating gel that not only helps men to put it on their penis but also ease out the penetration process

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Each virgin goes through a lot of thinking when having sex for the first time:

  • How long would it last?
    It could last about a minute to more than an hour or two! The key is to really enjoy it.
  • What if the condom bursts when having sex?
    Good quality condoms last and are meant for rigorous activity. Purchase a good condom to be free of anxiety while enjoying yourself.
  • What is the best position to have sex?
    To each their own. Whatever position you and your partner feel comfortable in it’s really that.
  • What if the penis doesn’t fit into the vagina?
    You’ll be surprised at how much your vagina can fit in. C’mon an entire human comes out from there, a penis would fit. 

Your first time should be a pleasurable experience and using lubes and condoms are extremely helpful for you to have an optimum level of experience.

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