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What is Intima Health?

Jennifer McBlaine, PhD  |  Aug 19 2020

What is Intima Health?

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Sex. Relationships. Sexual health. Intimacy. Somewhere along each of our journeys, most of us will face challenges with these aspects of our lives. Many people regard this part of their lives as deeply personal and find it burdensome to seek out someone trustworthy enough to share their experience with.

Challenges involved with sexual health and intimacy can be difficult to talk about because it’s not something that we tend to openly discuss on a regular basis.

Discussing challenges around sex requires vulnerability, openness, and a willingness to get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable from time to time. We understand the need to help you feel safe doing this and we are excited to assist you in recognizing and understanding your capability to increase awareness and satisfaction in this part of your life.

Here at Intima Health, we wholeheartedly believe that you deserve to feel sexually fulfilled and we are excited to welcome you to our platform so we can do our part to help you get there. 

With an influx of messages surrounding us about prioritizing self-care, many of us are seeking out unique methods to help us live a happier and healthier life. Your sexual wellness is a priority to us and we hope to help you prioritize it too! We are excited for you to explore all that Intima Health has to offer and we applaud you on taking the first big step towards wellness.

We believe in the importance of having a dedicated space where you can work through your challenges and receive the tools you need to increase your satisfaction with your sexual and overall wellness.

Whether you need a coach to help hold you accountable, someone to educate you, or a therapist to provide you with a safe space to process, the certified providers at Intima Health are here for you when you are ready. 

As a worldwide telehealth platform, Intima Health is accessible to anyone seeking education, coaching, and therapy. We understand that challenges with sexual health, wellness, and intimacy do not discriminate, so we’re doing our best to be here for you whenever you need us. Now more than ever, we are valuing the need for convenience in the mental health industry.

Life happens and often does not care about the plans we have made to take care of ourselves. We do not always have the time to set aside an hour or two to travel to a provider’s office. Nor do we always have the patience to research and vet providers that will fit our individual needs.

We hope to take some of the load off your back by providing ease of access to certified professionals anytime, night or day. All of our Intima Health providers have extensive experience in their respective fields, value professionalism, and are invested in your successful journey to wellness. 

As a client of Intima Health, you are able to browse our list of certified providers to seek out the perfect fit for you based on a variety of preferences – some of which include specialty, credentials, and desired price range.

As a telehealth platform, we are happy to connect with you via several convenient methods. If you would like to communicate with someone face-to-face, but circumstances will not permit you to see a provider in-person, our live videoconferencing feature might be a good fit for you!

Our providers are well versed in their fields and are comfortable with and capable of helping you at the same level of expertise and professionalism as they would in-person. If meeting someone over videoconferencing seems a little intimidating or unfeasible, we also offer in-app messaging and phone conferences.

In order to create an accommodating and highly accessible experience, we provide both prescheduled sessions and immediate access to available providers. With your privacy in mind, all of our sessions are also HIPPA and EU GDPDR compliant. 

At Intima Health we are continuously looking to bridge the gap between the variety of healthcare professionals you might need access to.

If you are a healthcare professional of any discipline who serves clients with sexual wellness challenges, we encourage you to take advantage of our platform. From mental health professionals to medical doctors, looking to grow your practice or increase accessibility, consider choosing Intima Health for your telehealth platform.

Whether you are a healthcare professional or a prospective client, Intima Health is here to meet your needs. Check out our website www.IntimaHealth.com and take a look at our blog www.IntimaHealth.com/blog to get a first look at how Intima Health can help you. 

Written by Dr. Viviana Coles.

Picture by Fezbot2000 on Unsplash.

Originally posted https://kissandtellmagazine.com/what-is-intima-health/.

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