What is a used panty fetish? And, Why You Should Sell Yours!

Author :- Sexpert.com Aug. 14, 2022, 12:56 p.m.
What is a used panty fetish? And, Why You Should Sell Yours!

Have you ever wondered what is a used panty fetish? What kind of person is into paying for used panties? Why would anyone want to sell their dirty panties in the first place? Where the heck did this fetish come from?

Well I did (obs, or I wouldn’t be writing this article on used panty fetish). So, let’s explore shall we? I’m curious!

What is a used panty fetish?

Our encyclopedia friend wikipedia tells us that a used panty fetish (underwear fetishism), “is a sexual fetishism relating to undergarments, and refers to preoccupation with the sexual excitement of certain types of underwear, including panties, stockings, pantyhose, bras, or other items.”

While some people get off on wearing the used panties themselves, others enjoy just fondling, smelling or watching someone else wearing them. This type of fetish is not considered a paraphilia unless the fetish becomes problematic in someone’s life.

What Kind of Person Pay for Used Panties?

So, what type of person is into sniffing dirty panties and why does it turn them on?

Over at Vice, writer Helen Thomas decided to get to the bottom of this fetish and interviewed a “knicker huffer”, as she put it.

Woody (not his real name) explained that he had been interested in girl’s panties from a young age when he “stole clean pairs from my friends’ sisters“, but it wasn’t until his 20s that he started buying used undies.

What gets him off about it? Mainly, it about the smell… the smellier the better it seems. Panties should be worn for several days, even masturbated, pissed in, or worn to the gym, worked out in. Ones with skid marks, or period stains are a bonus. Woody also said he liked the fantasy of it, of thinking about the girl who wore the panties, what she may have been doing while wearing them, and sometimes having a photo or video of the person wearing them is also a big turn on. But, mainly, the anonymity of the trade is also exciting.

At first he wasn’t very fussy about what types of panties he would buy, but over time he developed a “type” of panty he prefers more which are more sexy, “lacey styles, G-strings and thongs“. But, really, its about the smell. Maybe its the pheromones?

And, while some women who he has asked have called him a creep and a pervert, others are happy to send him panties in exchange for money. The most he has ever paid is £550, but, he said he’d be willing to spend anything “for a very nice dirty pair.” $$$!

So, Why Would Women (and Men) Want to Sell Their Dirty Undergarments?

The answer to that question is quite simple. MONEY.

In several interviews I found online, money was the main contributing factor.

Selling used panties online is a thriving business. Especially among cam girls (and inmates eg: Piper in Orange is The New Black), but anyone really can sell their dirty g-strings, even guys (yes there is a market for jock-straps too).

In Japan, they even have vending machines that sell soiled panties. And, online you can sell your used thongs and granny panties on Reddit, as well as specific websites created just for selling used (dirty) clothing, like allthingsworn.com.

And, selling your used panties is pretty easy money considering 1 pair can sell for $30-$300USD. Panties with extras (pee, skid marks, period stains) sell for more.

So, are you ready to sell your panties online? Why the heck not? When in Rome…

You can buy (and sell) used women’s panties at: https://www.allthingsworn.com/

For buying or selling used men’s items, like boxers and jockstraps go here: https://www.malethingsworn.com/

Happy sniffing!

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