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What does passing mean?

Abbey Tackett  |  Oct 18 2020

What does passing mean?

What does passing mean? In the dictionary passing often means "the end of something," But in the Transgender community, passing is something different. 

As a transgender, people usually face a lot of difficulties in coming out as they really are. Whether you identify as a male trapped in a female body or vice versa. Your physical appearance in a society that is not comprised of people who really accept people who look different from them, matters! By normalizing your appearance for society, you make things easier for yourself, like-

  1. It becomes easier for you to exist.
  2. You get accepted everywhere.
  3. It becomes easier to find a job.
  4. It becomes easier to find a partner
  5. The risk of getting harassed or facing violence by people who have hatred towards the trans community is reduced.

However, there are people who believe to appear as they are and find beauty in it :)

Abbey Tackett who identified herself as a transgender woman is here to tell us what does passing means. Watch her, to know more.

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(Photo by Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels)

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