What Can a Guy / Girl Do to Strip Sexy? 10 Amazing Tips

Author :- Sexual Revelation March 8, 2021, 8:21 a.m.
What Can a Guy / Girl Do to Strip Sexy? 10 Amazing Tips

Performing a striptease for your spouse or partner is a good way of spicing up things. To perform this, you have to prepare properly to avoid making it look weird or awkward along the line. You might be in a long relationship and know what gives him or her a hard-on or rocks them to orgasm. This doesn’t mean that a little twist that comes stripping is not cool. It adds an extra to the bedroom. No one likes the usual all the time.

Do you think that stripping is for female folks only? Not at all. It’s not. You might not be as hot and perfect as those male strippers in the club but then it’s not bad to give your girl a dose of bad boy moves. Show her how good you are at the stripping game too. If you want to make her mesmerized, be the one to strip and allow her to sit back and enjoy.

If you are a newbie in the game or you have little experience and want to get better at it, here is our go-to guide on the ways you can strip sexy for your partner.

The Strip Tease Preparation

This part is the most important area of strip teasing, you don’t want to be seen fidgeting in front of your partner or finding yourself in an awkward situation.

Where: Before moving on, consider how much space your bedroom has. If it’s spacious then it’s a nice idea.

What to Wear: Girl! This is your chance to look tarted up and slutty. Wear a pair of stockings and sexy lingerie that would turn him on. You could wear a skirt on it because short flare skirts are very easy to yank off. For a top, a blazer can work magic because they are easy to remove too. You must wear a heel but if you find it uncomfortable then you should go barefooted. Try to put on a little makeup too because you are trying to be his slut here and his girl at the same time.

If it’s the other way round, you have to be shirtless and make sure you wear a sexy brief that will get her attention.

If you are looking to take on an alter ego, here are great foreplay costume ideas to try!

Mood: Setting the right mood is one of the biggest factors of stripping sexy. Switch off all the bright lights and leave only the dim lights. Where there are no dimmers, you could use scented candles but you have to be extremely careful so you don’t burn down the house.

After that, you play a very slow romantic song that will turn both of you on. It could be a song from the 80s or so but keep it slow. In case it’s your first time and you are a bit nervous, a glass of wine will do just fine but do not exceed one glass.

How To Strip

Get into position

Display confidence while at it. Do the classy girl walk with your head high, shoulders back and hips going from side to side. Always try to sexy and seductive while at it. You then go further by grabbing his wrist and leading him to a chair. Slowly but firmly push him down to the chair to make him aware that you are in charge.

Even when you are the guy and you stripping for her, you should start with confidence so she won’t lose interest before the main show begins.

Next, give her a quick kiss so that she knows you aren’t being too serious (even though you are still definitely the one in charge).

Sway your hips to the rhythm of the song playing

Play with your hair and then give a sexy smirk as you place your leg on another chair giving him a view of what is underneath that skirt and your laps too… If he tries to touch or grab you, then swat his hands away and wave your finger in his face. You can do this while facing him or while you have your back to him.

Now, this is the time where you start peeling off your clothes!

While still maintaining your sexy dance and rocking your hips, slowly remove your shirt or blazer and throw it at him giving him a bad girl look.

Remove your skirt/pants

Still maintaining your dance, bend over until your bum shapes into a perfect curve. Then slowly and seductively, slide it down through your thighs until it reaches the floor. During this time, you are allowed to play with your body. Caress your breast and rub your thighs, men love to watch women do this.

Keep dancing and moving your hips

Try to feel the music. Bite your lips and play with your hair. Your aim is to make him see how sexy you are feeling and how hot you look. To make him feel aroused. Within him, he will be blowing hot. He can’t wait to start the “job”.

Remove your shoes

Put your foot back on the chair, remove your shoe, and drop it on the floor. Then you slowly remove the socks. You should be slow because if you are fast, you are not striping. While at this, maintain eye contact because it makes it more intense.

Remove your bra/undershirt

Use the same method you used while removing your shirt. Spin around and slowly unhook your bra. Allow it to fall to the floor then you cover your breasts with your hand. Turn back slowly and let him see you topless. You don’t know what you are doing to him by showing him the view. Still dancing to the music, slowly remove your hands from your breasts and shove them into your hair. Give him a quick look with a smile while you are still showing him your dancing skills.

Get the pants off

At this juncture, his body should be on fire. Start peeling off your underwear. You can do this by bending over and giving him a doggy-style view or better still you face him and slowly remove the panties. Once they are removed, you can choose to hold it with your teeth, sniff it while looking at him, or just throw it at him to catch. If he tries catching it, grab it back while laughing at him. You shouldn’t prolong things at this stage. He is already hot! Throw the pants away and move for the next action.

Go further by sitting on him and grinding really hard

Let your clit touch his penis while dancing. While doing that, maintain eye contact with him. He will want you badly at this stage but don’t give in yet. Stand up and proceed to oral.

Slide down his pants and get to work

At this juncture, slowly Suck him really hard until he can no longer take it. Then you can now get down to the day’s business and make love like never before.

Note that it is easier to strip for men because they have a penis you can grind on. With women, it’s a bit different. You have to connect with their mind, body, and spirit to turn them on. Every woman has a different body language and what they respond to.

Before stripping for your woman, take your time to observe her body language. Does she like it when you smile? Does she like the way you touch your hair? This and so many other things are what you should look out for in your woman before strip teasing.

As a man, you need confidence too to strip for your woman, because one silly mistake can turn her off. Learn how to set the mood too. Since you are the man you can add a little out of the box like the use of blindfolds, handcuffs, and other forms of restraints. Make her go on her knees with your sexy moves. Don’t be too serious with it, just be gentle with her.

Jumping directly to foreplay and sex afterward is a bit too cliche. It is just a normal thing that most couples indulge in but try to spice up your relationship by strip teasing your partner once in a while. You may not necessarily do it every day, you can make it twice in a month or better still don’t time it, just act according to your instincts, after all being spontaneous is fun. It nourishes love, and keep the relationship health

Stripteasing is the best way to gain more of your partner’s attention. No man will remember how you mesmerize him without hurrying to rush back to your arm anytime he is away. Sex can never get boring with a sexy striptease from either of your partner. Along the line, you can even use sex toys when making out with your partner.

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