What are Panty Liners? And why should we use them?

Author :- Mehdi Moosvi Oct. 31, 2020, 2:03 p.m.
What are Panty Liners? And why should we use them?

Panty Liners, also known as Period Liners or Vaginal Covers are around us for a long time, yet many women still don’t know what they are for and how important they could be for both menstruating & non-menstruating women.

So, what are Panty Liners?

Panty Liners are absorbent pads made out of cotton or absorbent materials are worn by women in their underwear for maintaining feminine hygiene. These pads are related to sanitary napkins but are different from them, as they could be worn on normal days too rather than only wearing them on your period, and are relatively thinner and narrower than sanitary pads. Making them easier and more comfortable for women to wear them every day. 

Panty Liners comparatively absorb less liquid than Sanitary pads or Tampons, so they're ideal for everyday cleanliness and light vaginal discharges or light urine flow. 

Why should we use them?

Here are 5 listed reasons to use Panty Liners -

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  1. Daily usage - Panty Liners are super comfortable to wear compared to sanitary pads, as they are lighter and thinner. Best suited for vaginal discharge on normal days or for post-intercourse discharge, and for those embarrassing moments or adult incontinence when you laugh out loud and your bladder goes out of control, keeping you dry and fresh all day.
  2. Period ready - Wearing a Panty Liner or carrying one before entering your periods could help you with the unexpected (light) flow. Panty Liners could be used before you enter your periods, for unexpected flow, or during the end days of your periods when the flow is lighter and you do not feel the need to use a tampon or a pad.
  3. Tampon / Menstrual cup backup - A smart way to use Panty Liners is to pair it along with a tampon or a menstrual cup (if you use these menstrual products) during your periods. If you have a heavy flow during your periods and you think that your tampon could not withstand the flow, or you think that your cup will leak then Panty Liners are here to the rescue for the worst-case scenario.
  4. Keeps your clothes clean - An unexpected period flow or any sort of vaginal discharge could stain your underwear or those pants. Wearing a Panty Liner is the answer to those unexpected happenings.
  5. Helps control vaginal odors - Using Panty Liners frequently helps control bad odor which might affect your sex life. Panty Liners keep the moisture away and make your vaginal area free of perspiration. 

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