Valentine’s Day: The Survival Guide

Author :- The Secret Submissive Feb. 14, 2021, 3:04 p.m.
Valentine’s Day: The Survival Guide

This controversial holiday should be a light-hearted celebration of love and relationships but for so many, even the build-up is tainted with an impending sense of doom. Whether it’s a reminder of the relationship you don’t have or the love you lost, or whether you just detest the commercialization of the day, so many of us struggle at this time of year. However, this year, I vow to not only survive Valentine’s Day, but I’m going to seriously enjoy it! Here’s the game plan…

Indulge the resentment

I hereby invite you to your very own pity-party where you may unashamedly sob into a pint of ice-cream and wallow whilst you torture yourself with a Rom-Com marathon. It’s okay to feel bitter at the sight of loved-up couples, and it can be liberating to own your emotions; allow yourself to process any feelings of sadness or anger, rather than concealing them. Once you’ve accepted your feelings, you may just feel a little lighter. Why not inject some humor into the situation and enjoy laughing and joking, with some friends, through the most unrealistic and cheesy chick flick you can find?

Treat yourself

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Switch off social media and stop looking at those insta-perfect couples as they exchange pink and red that. Whether it’s that new outfit you’ve wanted for months; a bottle of your favorite wine, or a fancy new gadget, spoil yourself because you deserve it. Don’t wait for somebody else to make you smile and, instead, indulge and find your own happiness. It may be a short-term fix, but we are talking about survival here!

Treat someone else

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Valentine’s Day is all about love, so why not spread a little joy? Whether it’s to family, friends or strangers, giving feels great and a small token gift or even the gift of your time could mean the world to someone. Alternatively, you could also arrange a virtual Galentine’s or Guyentine’s get-together with your single friends and celebrate having these amazing people in your life. Enjoy a drink, some good food and great company.

Be naughty

A day devoted to love includes self-love, so it’s time to turn up the heat and enjoy some solo-sex time! Sexy underwear is always an underrated indulgence so pick out something that will make you look and feel gorgeous. Dress up for yourself and appreciate every inch of your remarkable body. Treat yourself to a new sex toy or two and, come Valentine’s Day, survival will be the last thing on your mind! Let yourself go and surround yourself with physical pleasure; savor the moment and take your time to reach orgasm. 

Take a chance

If you have lost a meaningful relationship in the past, or you’ve struggled to find love, it can be hard to get back out there, so, my final tip is to take a chance. This Valentine’s Day could provide the perfect opportunity to throw caution to the wind and finally, say yes to that coffee date or maybe just to swipe right. I hope you have a very happy Valentine’s Day.

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