Are all raving reviews for Tracy Dog true? How did it become Amazon Bestseller?

Author :- Tickle.Life Editorial Team Aug. 14, 2020, 3:42 a.m.
Are all raving reviews for Tracy Dog true? How did it become Amazon Bestseller?

We got our inhouse reviewer, Malak ready and prepped for what she'll be reviewing shortly. Very soon, we got her the famous, Sonic Handheld Percussion Wand Massager by Tracy's Dog from Amazon. Do we recommend it? Are the reviews real? Let's find out

If the viral review is to be believed, Tracy's Dog's Wand Massager can make you, and we paraphrase leave you trying to remember who you are and what year it is.

Tracy's Dog - The facts

Tracy Dog Logo

Tracy's Dog is a women's vibrator from a New York based sex toy manufacturer. They believe that Orgasms, they’re all different. They’re healthy. They’re beautiful. Tracy's Dog sits in the premium category of sex toys, while being placed at a modest price of 50 USD.

What's in the box? The sex toy is delivered as a kit (pictured below), which delivers everything anyone could want in a single-sex toy: Speeds, vibration, intensity, easy-to-use controls, and more. The different intensities of motor exist to give you different levels of pleasure, from a quickie to last-long.

What's in the box with Tracy's Dog

What did the box promise us?

An authentic Powerful Motor: This Hercules handheld percussion massager's motor is extremely powerful with up to 6000-8000 pulses per minute that deliver powerful high-penetration. Helps quickly relieve muscle fatigue, stiffness, and pain.

A Deep Tissue Massager: This Hercules professional massager has 5 rotations vibrate modes and 3 powerful speeds, you can choose the speed that best suits your needs, and helps relax and relieve pain on feet, calf, shoulders, neck, back, muscles, arms, and legs.

A Cordless Rechargeable Massage Set: The Hercules is equipped with an 1800 mAh high-quality lithium battery, lasting for approximately 180 minutes on a full charge, so you don't have to worry about power outages.

A 100% Silicone Waterproof Design: The whole body is made out of 100% body-safe silky silicone, soft and skin-friendly, easy to clean, safe, and reliable. This type of material doesn’t store dust; it's completely odorless and easy to clean with just running water.

(Spoiler: It absolutely delivered on the promise)

An honest review of Tracy's Dog

According to Malak, our inhouse reviewer, “what turns me on is not what I do to my body; it is what I do to my mind”. So the precedent to what we were looking for was tougher as she doesn't get satisfied easily.

Of all the combinations of words that are available in the English language, ‘Tracy’s Dog’ could be one of the least orgasmic to name a toy. But don’t let that put you off. Because we were pleasantly surprised and now can guarantee that this toy is so much better than its name suggests.

Things which impressed her:

  • The wand is very pretty, easy to handle, and lightweight. I could maneuver it with my hands easily. It’s easy to use, highly adjustable, and it won’t make noise, so you won’t have to come up with excuses for what you were doing next door.
  • The cordless ultra wand massager is waterproof, so you can take them in the shower and play with it.
  • It has fine control buttons which lets you adjust the speed according to your mood/needs for play and pleasure.
  • It came with a 12-month warranty card.
  • I would recommend this, even above the previous one since it can add so much fun to your toy and pleasure collection.

Questions we saw people had about Tracy's Dog Vibrator

Is Tracy dog waterproof?
Yes and Yes! Plus, the full silicone vibrator is completely waterproof—so the fun doesn't have to stay in the bedroom. Best of all, if you want to keep your time, well, personal, the box arrives in super discreet plain packaging.

How long does it take to charge Tracy's dog?
It took us 2 hours, to fully charge the device.

Is the material comfortable?
It's made of super-soft silicon, which felt durable and safe during our limited tests.

Does it offer an international warranty?
As far as we could tell, it does not offer a warranty for international orders.

So with everything great with the product, are we the only ones feeling this way?

What the community is saying about Tracy's Dog

It’s a very soft wand, with various speeds/patterns. It’s easy to use and the buttons are self-explanatory. It’s strong but you can turn it up or down. It is a little loud, but nothing that bothered me. It came with 3 attachments, a charger, a bag, and a warranty card.

I bought this luxury wand set for my friend as a gift. She said it's strong power and out of all the toys she has this was instantly her favorite with quick orgasms and feels amazing. She can't thank me enough.

This wand massager kit was a surprise for me and did not fail to provide good feelings. From the use as a muscle massager to the accessory uses, this wand vibrator is ideal for feeling pleasurable. The noise level is not loud but a constant hum and varies with the setting.

The vibrator is powerful as described and can maintain its charge for an appropriate time. Three attachments keep me cumming! It's got a silky feel that is amazing and the shape is perfect to hit all the right places. You will not be disappointed if you purchase this item.

So what's the verdict on Tracy's Dog?

So in short, if you are looking at something which delivers everything, anyone could want in a single-sex toy: Speeds, vibration, intensity, easy-to-use controls, and more. Then this is the toy for you. It will be your new best friend. It's powerful, it's quiet, the package is discrete.

Wouldn’t ask you to use attachments, mainly because it works so well on its own. Something that takes ages only takes minutes with this little wand. It's not bulky or heavy; it's just the right size for the strength and not a bit more.

It's soft all over and unlike other wands, when you turn it up, it doesn't vibrate so hard it hurts, which is super important. It doesn’t cause any pain afterwards as some wands can cause. Easy enough to use with your partner or by yourself; also very important. 10 stars out of 5.

If 1,728 people told you they discovered the perfect vibrator, there’s no doubt it would pique your interest. You’d probably even add it to your wish list.

So many people wanted to give this sex toy a go that it quickly took the number one spot on Amazon’s ‘Most Wished For’ list for sexual wellness products.

Well, that's for a reason! Others have also given their valuable feedback which we dived on the web to find for our dear users. Few interesting reviewers called it: Very fancy and wonderful, outstanding design and seemingly good quality (soft and somewhat flexible with no offensive smell or off-gassing). One of our favorites!

It's powerful so if you have dentures, take them out, because this will rattle them loose.

Where can you get your hands on Tracy's Dog?

International: Tracy's Dog Official Website