Top 7 Sex-Positive Movies and Series on Netflix

Author :- Raksha Saraf June 7, 2020, 10:57 a.m.
Top 7 Sex-Positive Movies and Series on Netflix

With the weekend approaching, we figured it might be useful for you to know what you can binge watch with joy. These are the Top 10 TV Shows and Movies on Netflix that really give you a glimpse into a sex-positive lifestyle.

7. Black Mirror

While this is not the main point of Black Mirror, it happens to depict a very raw perspective on sex: it shows us how we treat sex today and how we're likely to treat it in the future.

6. Lust Stories

This film follows four Indian women in their journeys to liberate themselves sexually from different kinds of sexually repressive forces: society, their families, their partners and their own silence. It truly presents a different perspective on Indian society, never before seen in cinema.

5. Wanderlust

This TV Show is unique in its depiction of the challenges of long term monogamy and consequent polyamory. It's a must-watch if you're considering polyamory, or if you want to understand it better!

4. Sense 8

This is one show you really need to watch, no matter who you are. It has layers and layers of meaning, and the fantastic perspective it gives you on sensuality is only the cherry on the top.

3. Easy

This show follows multiple different kinds of sexual relationships and truly sheds light on many different kinds of relationships, including homosexual and open relationships.

2. Big Mouth

This one is about puberty, but it uses a very different style: much like Inside Out, the animators of Big Mouth make characters out of the various voices in pubescent children's heads, allowing you to think more deeply about gender and child sexuality.

BONUS: Sacred Games

I wouldn't say this show is sex-positive, exactly, but I want to put it in this list because of how differently sex has been portrayed in Season 2, and because the idea of sex cults is very interesting to deal with. But for many reasons besides this, it is an accurate commentary on society.

#1----Sex Education

You've likely seen this one already, but if you haven't, you must. It explores a very interesting scenario: that of the son of a sex therapist beginning to sell sex therapy in his school while simultaneously struggling to masturbate himself. It's not only educational, but also sets your sight on the possible negative side of sex-positivity in parental relationships, making an incredible cautionary tale.