Top 5 Stress-Relieving Sex Positions

Author :- Raksha Saraf June 10, 2020, 9:51 a.m.
Top 5 Stress-Relieving Sex Positions

Which sex positions help you maximize pleasure and minimize stress? Find out here!

The Shuttle

This is really relaxing because neither of you has to spread your legs too much, or bear too much weight. And if you've lubricated well, you're guaranteed to be able to focus on the pleasure ;)

The Boat

This one is relaxing in a different way - its rhythmic. When you and your partner are in this kind of position, you sync up your movement. This can be a very sensual and orgasmic experience, helping your mind create those giddy hormones that kill the effects of cortisol.

The Bow

The Bow should be a go-to for G-spot stimulation. Need I say more? I think not.

The Spoon

Source: SexPositions.Club

This one is really my favorite (I would've made it my top pick if I was writing this a year ago, when I was still having casual sex). It's so relaxing that you often feel like you're in a dream-like trance because of how easily you can zero in on the pleasure down there. It also allows both parties to stop caring about how they're looking in the act. If you feel conscious about your belly, don't look at it - your partner isn't either! Your expressions? Go wild! How much sound you make? Do your thing, your partner will probably be too engrossed in their own pleasure to judge you.

The Cat

Oh Missionary... Why can't we ever stop loving you? Most people know how great missionary can be. But this slight tweak makes it much easier to synchronize your beats and thereby increase pleasure! Try it soon and find out ;)