Tickle.Life, Inc Launches its Multi-blockchain venture, Carnal Chemistry, Destigmatizing the Kamasutra

Author :- TickleLife Editorial Team Dec. 8, 2021, 12:05 p.m.
Tickle.Life, Inc Launches its Multi-blockchain venture, Carnal Chemistry, Destigmatizing the Kamasutra

December 08, 2021, San Francisco: Human sexuality has always found its most beautiful expression in visual arts through sculptures, paintings, literature, poetry, music, and other art forms. Over the centuries, people have celebrated sexuality in different ways. But, in the past few decades, stigma, censorship, and taboo have taken a front-row seat in suppressing erotic art. Due to this, erotic art forms started to lose their values and take up a pornographic outlook. Even in the digital era, censorship of erotic works continues across platforms affecting their true artistic expression. 

Understanding this, Tickle.Life has taken an initiative to curate a platform for digital erotic artists to showcase their artistic works. As the first step, Tickle.Life is here with their NFT project, Carnal Chemistry. Carnal Chemistry is a long-term NFT art project and an experiment at the intersection of human sexuality, visual art, and ‘on chain’ provenance to de-stigmatize erotic art. To this end, Carnal Chemistry will collaborate with global artists to release a collection of 100+ 1/1 art pieces with ‘on chain’ provenance, exploring a specific dimension of human sexuality.

Carnal Chemistry not only endeavors to destigmatize erotic art, it is the first multi-blockchain venture that focuses on creating an ecologically beneficial blockchain. For that purpose, Carnal Chemistry will also be listing artworks in Tezos Blockchain, which is one of the best eco-friendly blockchains. As part of this initiative, it will provide buyers and artists more options for liquidity. Here, the buyers, who purchase through Ethereum from the Open Sea, would also be airdropped the artwork in their Tezos wallet.

For the first collection titled ‘The Kamasutra’, Carnal Chemistry has collaborated with artists from India, Chile, the USA, Turkey, Spain, Russia, and France. The artists collaborating for this initiative are Sonya Capricado from Russia, Jenya Datsko from Spain, Omar Safi from the USA, Romy Froemel from Chile, Cheweji from Turkey, Suvrojit Chaudhury from India, and Julie Mancini from France. This collection seeks inspiration from The Kamasutra- an ancient Indian text about sexuality and the alchemy of desire. Shakun Sethi, Founder of Tickle.Life adds:

“NFTs are the future and we at Tickle.Life have always taken the effort to support sex positivity. Carnal Chemistry is a project that endeavours to bring in equal opportunities for erotic artists. Here, at the same time, we strive to find an optimal eco-friendly blockchain, while in the process of providing multiple avenues for artists and their patrons.”

After the success of the first project, Carnal Chemistry will focus on the creation of an NFT/crypto marketplace via their DAO for minting and listing erotic artworks. Besides, using AR/VR technology, Carnal Chemistry will build a cutting-edge digital art gallery for hosting their erotic artworks and will step into merchandising as well. Currently, as part of the NFT initiative, Adam and Eve and Sssh.com are partnering with Tickle.Life and providing offers and free subscriptions for the buyers and the artists in the project.

About Carnal Chemistry:

Carnal Chemistry is a long-term NFT project incubated by Tickle.Life. Carnal Chemistry aims to de-stigmatize erotic art and ensures that the artistic expression of human sexuality finds its creative space in the digital art Renaissance that is unfolding in front of our eyes. Carnal Chemistry will be releasing a collection of 100+ 1/1 art pieces custom minted on the Ethereum chain exploring a specific dimension of human sexuality.

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Contact details:  carnalchemistry@tickle.life 

 About Tickle.Life, Inc:

Tickle.Life, Inc is a global discovery platform that focuses on curating a space for rediscovering and exploring one’s sexual freedom. With over 360+ sexual wellbeing professionals, Tickle.Life, Inc is an active presence in the sexual wellness industry. Tickle.Life, Inc spreads awareness through well-researched content across genres and offers guidance through different educational pedagogies to enhance relationships and sexual wellness. 

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